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CPD Training

What is CPD? 
Continuing Personal or Professional Development (CPD) is the term given to the commitment to lifelong learning, which is required of all people.

Employers and construction institutions, in all disciplines, are requiring the wide adoption of a structured approach to learning and are looking for evidence of progress meeting clearly specified career objectives.

Those working in construction are therefore looking for opportunities to broaden and deepen their knowledge and keep up to date on all facets of design and construction.

Specifying organisations from throughout the industry make use of the Construction CPD Certification Service e.g. client bodies, multidisciplinary practices, architectural practices, main and specialist contractors, facility managers, chartered surveyors, building surveyors, quantity surveyors, local authorities, housing associations and house builders.

Vent-Axia has been delivering specialist technical and educational information for construction personnel at all levels and across all sectors for the last 15 years via the Construction CPD Certification Service.

The CPD Certification Service has strict guidelines as to what can be delivered by Manufacturers and insists on generic, rather than product based presentations. Each seminar is assessed by an independent assessor before being approved, only then can the CPD Certified symbol be used.

How do you access Vent-Axia CPD’s? 
We come to you: 
Simply choose the subject you require and a Vent-Axia specialist will arrange a seminar to be delivered at your premises. This normally takes place during a lunch hour or after working hours thus not taking up too much of the working day.

Following the seminar each delegate will receive a certificate for 1 hour CPD for their records.

CPD Modules

At present Vent-Axia has several CPD offerings in the form of PowerPoint based seminars covering both Residential and Commercial sectors. Click one of the links below to find out more:


To arrange any of the above CPD please email