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Ventilation Maintenance and Servicing

Just like carrying out servicing on a car or a gas boiler, a ventilation system needs to be serviced on a regular basis. This is essential to ensure the system is running at optimum efficiency and providing the household with good indoor air quality. Regular servicing will also help to avoid costly repairs at potentially inconvenient times of the year.

Letting us service your system will ensure your home benefits from good indoor air quality, you will have reduced running costs, your system will last longer and it will operate quietly and efficiently. With over 80 years of experience in the ventilation business Vent-Axia is perfectly placed to ensure your ventilation system runs to optimum performance levels.

MVHR Servicing

Cleaning and maintaining MVHR systems is essential for good Indoor Air Quality. In cities and polluted areas, this is even more important. We provide Basic, Comprehensive and Premium MVHR servicing packages to help keep homes healthy.

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PIV servicing

Our trained ventilation service technicians can service your positive input ventilation systems to ensure the best performance from your Vent-Axia PIV units. PIV servicing includes filter replacement, product inspection and cleaning and installation inspection to ensure maximum efficiency.

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MEV servicing

Ventilation servicing helps to extend product life, lowers running costs, providing quieter running and cleaner air in the home. MEV servicing includes product inspection, installation inspection, rebalancing of valves and system cleaning. Contact our servicing team to gain these benefits and keep your home healthy.

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What to expect in a ventilation service?

Here's how we will get your home feeling healthier: 
1. Arrange a ventilation service by filling out the form or calling us on 01293 842987. 
2. A ventilation expert will arrive to service your ventilation unit. 
3. Depending on the unit, we will carry out the ventilation service which includes filter check, product inspection and cleaning and installation inspection.

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