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In-line Fans

The In-Line fans are situated in a ceiling void or loft, meaning the ventilation unit is not in the room. This means it is much quieter than a traditional fan as the fan is located away from the living space. These fans are often more powerful than Bathroom & Kitchen fans and ideal for use with long duct runs.

What is an In-Line Fan?

An In-Line fan is best defined as a fan that is mounted inside or connected to ducting that is used for extraction purposes. An in-line fan does not sit directly on the plasterboard or ceiling, instead it is typically located inside the attic or roof space a little bit further away from the bathroom. Suitable for most domestic applications, particularly where space is limited, the In-Line fans’ compact size makes them ideal for refurbishments and in restricted ceiling voids. The fans offer almost two and a half times the pressure development of conventional axial fans making them ideal for ducted applications. 


Energy efficient, quiet
Mixed Flow In-Line fans