Sustainable is Attainable



Sustainability is about consuming as little as possible in the manufacturing of our products, to reduce the impact on our planet whilst meeting the increasingly important standards for indoor air quality to protect the health of our customers.

Sustainability has always been core to our product innovation and we are committed to making sustainable attainable through continuously improving our products energy performance, reducing waste throughout our products lifecycle, and significantly increasing the use of recycled plastic from the circular economy in the manufacture of our products. By 2025 over 70 % of our products sold will be from one of our lo-carbon ranges, and 90% of the products that we manufacture will be made from a recycled source.

People are at the heart of everything we do and are the biggest enabler of Vent-Axia’s success in driving towards our ambitious 2025 targets. With the construction industry working hard to meet Net-Zero targets by 2050 it is important the whole supply chain works together to reduce carbon emissions and lower the impact that we are having on our planet. Having a strong culture around sustainability is key to deliver against this common goal, with over 800 colleagues, thousands more who work within our supply chain and millions of customers across the UK and a cross the world who choose to work with or buy Vent-Axia products, we can all be committed to leading the change in the ventilation market because sustainable is attainable.

We continually look for ways that we can use recycled plastics, create modular products and use alternative materials.

we have saved 3.5 elephants worth of plastic


Corrugated cardboard and other forms of paper-based packaging are regarded as being amongst the most environmentally friendly and sustainable packing solutions. Therefore, we have reduced the single use plastic in our packaging by replacing it with environmentally friendly cardboard, saving 9,892kg (10 tonnes) of blister packs a year.*

500 recycled fridges tonnes of polystyrene diverted from landfill


Striving to use recycled material is a high on the sustainability goals list. Therefore, we recycled the High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) used in fridges for all rigid ducting accessories preventing the content from 63,000 fridges weighing 504 tonnes going to landfill last year.*

100% of our pvc ducting is made from recycled sources


The benefits of recycling old window frames are that they can be reused and turned into something new. Our PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) ducting is made from these recycled sources. In 2019, we processed 3,623 tonnes of recycled PVC back into ducting, making it a sustainable material in the building sector driving eco-friendly design.*

shrink wrap 77 tonnes of plastic recycled in 2020


Finding eco-friendly packaging encompasses everything from design to production to disposal and we are committed to reducing single use plastic in our supply chain. In 2020, we recycled 77 tonnes of plastic shrink-wrap supporting a green supply chain.*

630k polybags eliminated from supply chain every year


In the drive for reducing single use plastic and finding green packaging solutions, each year, we eliminate 630,000 single use plastic poly bags from our supply chain and reducing the use of the single-use plastic in our manufacturing process.*

640 lo-carbon revive fans not going to landfill


Sustainable by design is a way to reduce plastic waste. Due to its well-engineered design, the Lo-Carbon Revive fan has modular components. If a social housing provider needs to replace a fan, in many cases a new spare part can be ordered, helping to avoid replacing the entire fan unit and thereby avoid the whole unit ending up in landfill.*

Lo--Carbon Revive >

We continually look for ways to improve the energy efficiency of all our products.

we have saved 23m kilowatts of energy


Since 1936, we have been leading the way in energy efficient ventilation design with the first fan containing an energy saving DC motor. Lo-Carbon products have been available for 12 years and by buying and installing a Lo-Carbon version rather than an alternative, there is a total energy saving of over 23 million kW/h over this period.*

80% reduction in energy use through intelligent sensors


Introducing constant running fans such as our Lo-Carbon Response 7 cuts energy use by up to 80% through intelligent use of sensors, as well as highly energy efficient motors. Manufacturing eco-friendly products is not only good for the environment but also ensuring sustainable living for future generations.*

Lo-Carbon Response 7 >
132m kilowatts of energy saved with the MVHR range per year


Lo-Carbon Sentinel Kinetic Advance Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) offers up to 93% heat recovery [in line with Product Characteristics Database (PCDB) data] and is designed with wireless commissioning to encourage best practice and help ensure ventilation performs as designed.*

Lo-Carbon Sentinel Kinetic Advance >

We continually look for ways that we can use recycled packaging, minimise packaging and reduce our printed material.

we have saved 3.5m tonnes of co2


Save some trees by reducing print. Going digital and printing less can be a greener option in providing information. We have reduced and switched our print media to digital copies only and saved over 5.6 million pages of A4 paper (4.3m catalogue page & 1.3m fitting and wiring pages) in the last 12 months.*

90 tonnes of wood pallets recycled in 2020


Save some trees by recycling wood. Trees take time to grow and reach maturity in order for them to be use as a renewable resource. By recycling wood, less trees need to be felled, allowing more carbon dioxide absorption and replacement trees to grow. In 2020, we recycled 90 tonnes of wood including pallets.*

3.5m tonnes of recycled packaging material purchased


Save some trees by purchasing eco-friendly materials. We purchased 3.5 tonnes of recycled eco-friendly packing material, which led our supplier to plant 81 trees. If you want to go further and help save even more trees, why not plant one or two today?*

If you landed here, you have successfully scanned the QR code on your Vent-Axia product. And because you care about the environment, so do we. A percentage of your purchased ventilation will be made of recycled material and it might look different in colour grading from what you expected; but do not worry, the quality of the product has not been compromised.

Over the years we increased our use of recycled material into the manufacturing of our products. All our ducting and its accessories, for example, are made from 100% recycled plastics, which has a lower environmental impact than virgin plastic.

Thank you for purchasing a product that is made out of recycled material and doing your bit for the environment, because Sustainable is Attainable. If you would like to learn more about our efforts to drive towards Net-Zero, explore our ‘Sustainable Is Attainable’ product range below.