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Net Zero by 2040

At Vent-Axia we are conscious of our environmental footprint. However, we are committed to a low-carbon future with the health and wellbeing of people and the planet at its core.

On this basis, we have committed to become net-zero by 2040 and are taking other actions to help us reduce the impact that we have on the environment.

Our Approach to Sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability is instilled across the organisation and we are constantly challenging our approach to the manufacturing and supply of products to minimise our impact on the environment. The relationships that we build with our employees, our customers and our suppliers are essential to help us deliver on our goal.

As a manufacturer of ventilation products, there are a number of key material issues such as the embodied carbon in our product processes and material, our logistics, as well as the operational performance of our products.

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Carbon Avoidance

As sociality transitions to net-zero, and wide scale electrification occurs, many of our products have a bright future. With buildings responsible for 40% of our energy use and circa 36% of our emissions, heat recovery ventilation will play an important part in reducing building emissions and helping our society deliver net-zero.

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For scale, in carbon terms, our group heat recovery sales avoids circa 4x our operational carbon.

The 3 Pillars

With these issues front of mind, we have built three pillars on which to orientate our activities and deliver our long-term objectives, as well as supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (the SDG’s):


Engineer Sustainable Solutions

Ambition: Increase the low carbon credentials in our product portfolio

KPI: Target 70% of our sales revenue from low carbon products by the end of 2025


Improve Environmental Performance

Ambition: Optimise recycled plastics in all our manufactured products

KPI: Target 90% of the plastic that we process in our factories to be from recycled sources by the end of 2025


Connect People Together

Ambition: Champion a zero-harm culture

KPI: Target zero reportable accidents

Product Information

As well as focusing on recycled plastic we are also constantly innovating to improve the efficiency of our products and reduce the carbon intensity. For our recent heat recovery range introductions of both Econiq and Apex we can provide TM65 data and help our customers understand their wider carbon life cycle assessment.

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