Heat Recovery Retrofit Solution

Delivering decarbonisation in Social Housing on the path to Net Zero homes by 2050


We use up to 40% of our energy in buildings, with around half of that being used for heating, cooling and other operational energy. With most of the housing stock that will exist in 2050, already built, it is imperative that we improve the heat loss of the existing stock through deep, energy efficient refurbishment.

Without providing adequate ventilation, one of the risks associated with retrofitting a low energy home ready for Net Zero 2050 ambitions is the increasing airtightness. This creates areas where moisture can condense leading to mould growth, which blights many homes across the UK.

Social housing providers, landlords and property managers recognise the challenges and are looking for solutions to protect their housing stock and their residents.

This is where Vent-Axia is able to provide you with the right ventilation solution to support your journey towards Net Zero and healthier homes.


Cost effective solution

Easy to install wall and ceiling units that dramatically reduce the complexity of a retrofit installation and the cost.


Improved indoor air quality

Protecting your property from condensation and mould and tenants’ health with energy efficient heat recovery ventilation products.


Improve energy efficiency

Delivering on compliance with both PAS 2030: 2019 and PAS 2035: 2019



The Vent-Axia Heat Recovery Retrofit Solution

Outdoor air/
Fresh air

Exhaust air/
Used air

Extract air/
Poor air

Warm air/
Fresh heat-recovered air


Find out more about our high quality and compliant ventilation products below:


Fresh air without the chill

Lo-Carbon Heat Save

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Replaces the air and retains the heat

Lo-Carbon Calido

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Through the wall heat recovery unit

Lo-Carbon Tempra

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The Vent-Axia Heat Recovery Retrofit Solution

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