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UKCA Marking

From the 31st December 2024, the use of the UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) mark becomes mandatory for products that are currently CE marked and placed for sale on the UK market. As most Vent-Axia products are sold both in the UK and EU (including NI) we are adding the UKCA mark alongside the current CE mark to ensure products are compliant for both markets.

It should be noted that any Vent-Axia products that are already in your stock as of the 31st December 2024 will not require any additional UKCA marking and can be sold as they are. Being manufactured before the cut-off date the CE marking is validity on its own.

In addition to the UKCA mark labelling we now include an “Authorised Representative” contact details for products sold on the EU and NI markets. This has been added to the F&W instructions and the carton labels. It should be noted that this is a legal requirement for the EU & NI markets and does not affect how we support our products.

Further information on the UKCA mark and how it affects products in distribution can be found here or alternatively on the Government website:

Download the Vent-Axia guidance document on UKCA marking