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CPD - Installation Guide to MEV and MVHR Ventilation (offline)

Agenda (1 hour)

  • Introduction
    • Building Regulations Part L
    • Ventilation Systems and how they work
    • Building Regulations Part F
  • Design and Quotation of Systems Ventilation MEV and MVHR
  • Installation
    • First Fix – Duct Runs and Jointing Best Practice
    • Second Fix – Installing the unit, controls, condense drain, terminations and diffusers
  • Commissioning
  • Faults and Probable Causes

This seminar will give guidance to existing or new installers of MEV and MVHR ventilation systems. It takes the installer through the various stages of the process from ductwork runs and jointing to installing the units and commissioning the system.

There is also a section on system faults and the possible causes.