When smoking was allowed in pubs, building guidance was to replace the air in a room every 8 minutes to extract the smoke and create a healthier indoor environment. The same solution is recommended to help maintain a COVID-secure establishment. Installed and correctly commissioned in your pubs, these fans will extract the polluted air, including any viruses, replacing it with fresh air every 8 minutes, thereby diluting the impact of the virus.

Why is Effective Ventilation Important in Pubs?

With the UK Coronavirus lockdown easing pubs are keen to get back to business. But first publicans need to ensure their properties are COVID-secure before reopening to help protect both customers and employees. Ventilation plays a vital part in this preparation since it helps reduce COVID-19 transmission rates indoors. Independent guidance on this has been published by a number of sources:

Government publication ‘Our plan to rebuild: The UK Government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy’

Effective ventilation is central to Government guidance. In this document, which is designed to ensure time spent in workplaces is as safe as possible, it advises to “Use external extractor fans to keep spaces well ventilated and make sure that ventilation systems are set to maximise the fresh air flow rate”.

UK Deputy Chief Medical Officer:

Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, Deputy Chief Medical Officer confirmed at a COVID-19 briefing on 29th April that ventilation lowers transmission rates from respiratory viruses. “There is a definite truism across all of the science literature, that ventilation is a most critical part of reducing transmission from respiratory viruses.”

Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE)

CIBSE has published practical industry guidance on ventilation in its document ‘CIBSE COVID-19 Ventilation Guidance’. This explains how building managers can minimise the risks of airborne transmission of Coronavirus. Here the general advice is to “increase the air supply and exhaust ventilation, supplying as much outside air as is reasonably possible” to dilute and remove the virus from the air as much as possible..


Be a COVID-Aware Establishment

Check that your pub is adequately ventilated according to government guidelines. If you are unsure email our team or call on 0844 856 0590.

Help re-assure your customers when you re-open with our COVID-AWARE window sticker FREE with every T-Series purchase.


What Next?

The next step is to check that your pubs are adequately ventilated:

  • Do you have existing T-Series extract fans installed?
  • Do they work? If not, they will need repairing or replacing. Contact our spares department if you need a replacement part.
  • Speak to your facilities manager or ventilation specialist if you are unsure or call our Technical Support Team for advice on 0344 856 0594.

The Solution


Lo-Carbon T-Series
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Traditional T-Series
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The trusted & robust T-Series has been the industry's no.1 commercial ventilation unit for over 30 years. This versatile range of fans has a number of key features to offer;


Healthy Indoor Air Quality. - This fan’s ventilation performance has been thoroughly tried and tested by the pub industry being a standard fixture since the 1980s with it successfully clearing smoke from pubs before the smoking ban.

Ease of Maintenance - Manufactured from individual modular components that can all be replaced separately, making maintenance simple and considerably reducing the amount of waste. Watch the video below to see more.

Plug and Play - A connector Top Socket is standard on all T-Series fans. Allowing fast and trouble-free mains connection making installation even quicker.

Simple Installation - Like-for-like refitting of a T-Series takes less than 5 minutes, it’s the most time and therefore cost-efficient option for an existing install.

Wireless Control - Available with a wireless controller allowing complete design flexibility controlling fans up to 30m away. Plus, this dramatically reduces installation time and costs, and eliminates unsightly wiring.

Robust - Launched in 1986 many original T-Series are still operating today. The UK’s favourite commercial fan, is known for its robustness and quality. Its high-quality design has stood the test of time and has evolved with new and improved motors, impellers and grilles.

Lo-Carbon Models - Low carbon models are available which use a low energy DC motor, developed to improve performance, lower running costs and maintain T-Series’ rugged reliability.

Suitable for Multiple Applications - Offering the widest range on the market, with both Lo-Carbon and traditional models, the T-Series range has 6, 7, 9 and 12 inch options, and includes wall, window, roof, panel and inline variants.


Watch Videos

How to dismantle and re-assemble a T-Series Window Fan

Governing Body Guidance

CIBSE is an international professional engineering association which has issued two documents to help building managers, owners and operators prepare for an ease in lockdown.

The UK Government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy was published on 11 May and is the Government’s COVID-19 return to work strategy which aims to outline steps to make returning to work as safe as possible

ASHRAE  is The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers. It updated its Position Document on Airborne Infectious Diseases in February 2020


REHVA is The Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Associations and has provided guidance on ‘How to operate HVAC and other building service systems to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) disease (COVID-19) in workplaces’. RHEVA have also developed a calculator to estimate the effect of ventilation on COVID-19 airborne transmission for use when specifying ventilation systems.