Uniflex+ Adjustable Round Valve Large

  • One valve for air supply and extraction: suitable for up to 21 l/s
  • Easy to adjust: 26 lockable positions for setting the air volume
  • Excellent performance: the lowest noise and pressure drop values
  • Same appearance for each volume of air: External dimensions stay the same irrespective of the selected setting
  • Low turbulance airflows: prevents accumilation of dirt around the valve
  • Flexible installation for all types of air ducts with connection 116mm or 125mm
  • Easy to clean: no need to remove the valve base
  • Multiple designs available to suit various interior styles
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Uniflex+ RV Valve Brochure

Product Overview

Ventilation Type
New Build
Product Range
Uniflex+ Semi Rigid

The Uniflexplus+ Semi-Rigid Range sets the standard for easy to install, low profile ducting solutions. The system gives all of the flexibility that semi-rigid ducting provides - without taking up vital space. With minimal components, the system is uncomplicated to ensure a hassle-free, speedy install.

The Uniflexplus+ Semi-Rigid Range is compatible with most wholehouse ventilation systems including the Lo-Carbon Sentinel Kinetic Range (MVHR).

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