Traditional T-Series 12 inch Panel Fan

  • Extract/intake models in 4 sizes: 6”, 7”, 9” and 12”
  • Colour: soft tone grey
  • Patented electronic shutter system ensures quiet, trouble free operation
  • For the very best from your fan use the Ecotronic controller
  • Easy fit connector Top Socket, standard on all models

Product Overview

Ventilation Type
Commercial Ventilation
Product Range
Traditional T-Series Panel

UK’s No. 1 Commercial Fan

Vent-Axia T-Series Panel/Ceiling models are suitable for mounting at any angle in internal partitions, ceilings, ducts and, with louvre grilles, through external walls. When installed only the louvre grille is visible. The range features a unique speed control pack which enables high, medium or low speed to be reset to suit a specific room size or required duty.

T-Series controllers may be used with this model to obtain a choice of speeds, reversible airflow direction and automatic sensor operation. When used with a controller, the speed control pack is removed from the T-Series fan and fitted into the 3-pin socket in the back of the controller. The Vent-Axia Ecotronic controller gives even greater running economy with its minimum speed setting on ‘E’ mode and infinitely variable speed control. For this controller the speed control pack remains in the fan.


Suitable for operation in ambient temperatures from -40°C to +50°C. Fitted with Standard Thermal Overload Protection (S.T.O.P).

Supply voltage: 220-240V/1/50Hz.

Top Socket

A connector Top Socket is standard on all T-Series fans allowing fast and trouble-free mains connection.


With energy saving in mind, panel/ceiling kits are supplied complete with an integral instantaneous automatic louvre shutter concealed behind the interior grille. It will operate on both intake and extract and at any angle of mounting. When the fan is used with a T-Series or Ecotronic controller, the shutter can be set open with the fan motor switched off to provide natural ventilation without the security risk of an open window.

Easy Cleaning

Integrated component design allows all parts to be dismantled for cleaning without the use of specialist tools.

5 years product warranty provided on units purchased from the 1st August 2018.

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Traditional T-Series Controller
  • 3-speed operation
  • Finger-tip sliders
  • Double pole On/Off Switching
  • Extract/intake airflow direction
  • Sensor mode for use with suitable electromechanical switches
  • Shutter open / fan Off setting
  • Designed to meet IP20
  • BEAB approved