Square Mixed Flow Fans Single Phase 4 Pole 350mm

  • Motors protected to IP44
  • Motor insulation Class ‘B’
  • Standard Thermal Overload Protection
  • Ductmate flanging
  • All models speed controllable
  • Manufacture controlled to BS EN ISO 9001
  • Performance tested to ISO 5801
  • In duct temperature up to 60°C (dependant on model)
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Product Overview

Ventilation Type
Commercial Ventilation
Product Range
MFQ (Square Mixed Flow Fan)

The Square Mixed Flow (MFQ) range has been specially designed for systems with high performance and low sound levels in mind. Ideal for commercial and industrial premises, the MFQ range places the emphasis on fast installation, reliable performance and easy access for maintenance.

The range offers almost two and a half times the pressure development of conventional axial fans and is an ideal cost effective alternative to two stage axial arrangements. The range is dimensionally compact, saving weight and installation costs.

Available in five sizes with a duty range from 0.632m3/s to 3.673m3/s (2275m3/h to 13,222m3/h), develops pressures up to 450 Pa.

Mixed Flow Impeller and Casing

The high efficiency backward curved mixed flow impeller is manufactured in a moulded Polyamide material with 30% Glass Fibre. All impellers offer non-overloading characteristics and are dynamically balanced for maximum efficiency. The casing is manufactured in sheet steel with Ductmate flanges at both ends.

The full range of MFQ fans is manufactured with an Aluzinc casing suitable for both internal and external mounting as standard.


A proven external rotor motor design and advanced new design of radial mixed flow impeller assembly has been specially selected for its performance and non-overloading characteristics. The assembly is dynamically balanced to VDI 2060. The motors in this range are rated at IP44 according to BS EN 60529. Ball bearings are greased for life and are designed to run at any angle.

Insulation is Class B.


Single phase 220-240V 50 Hz. Capacitor: start and run. Capacitors are located in the terminal box. Three phase 380-415V 50Hz. All motors are fitted with Standard Thermal Overload Protection (S.T.O.P.).

Performance and Sound

Tested to ISO 5801. Published dB(A) figures are free field sound pressure levels at 3m with spherical propagation at a reference level of 2 x 10-5Pa (20 micro-Pascal). The inlet, outlet and breakout sound power level spectra figures are dB with a reference of 10-12 Watts (1 pico-watt).

Quality Assurance

Design and manufacture is in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001.

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