NBR Passive Duct Kit

  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Fully boxed solution to help combat overheating in dwellings
  • On-demand overheating extraction
  • Sound levels complying with Part F Building Regulations
  • 20l/s, 30l/s, and 50 l/s solutions
  • Passive supply replacement air option
  • Local room control via remote switches or in room temperature sensors (by others)
  • Easy to commission with predetermined speeds
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Product Overview

Ventilation Type
Overheating Solutions
New Build
Product Range
Coolbox Kit

Ducted Ventilation
Vent-Axia has designed a complete all in one boxed solution to help satisfy overheating requirements in dwellings, whilst achieving low sound levels with a range of kits that include energy efficient Mixed Flow In-Line fans that are now quieter, offer two and half times the pressure of conventional axial fans and are dimensionally more compact making them ideal for overheating extraction.

The motor speed is selected on installation as per the Installation Guidance Sheet, motors are fitted with Standard Thermal Overload Protection (S.T.O.P.). All sizes with capacitor run motors. All sizes are Class II appliances. Supply voltage 220-240V/1/50Hz.

These units have a separate footplate for simple mounting and detachable spigots for simple connection to ducting. The motor body chassis rotates to provide connection in acute spaces. Cleaning the product is simple as all parts can be removed without removing the ducting.

Sound Data and Performance Guide
The sound data is based on the kits provided and an external roof vent supplied by others that conforms to at least 90% effective free area of the size of duct being used.

This equates to ≥ 15,537mm2 for the NBR CoolBox 50/Passive Duct kit and for the NBR CoolBox 20/30 ≥ 11,039mm2. The pressure of the roof vent must not exceed more than 5pa for the NBR CoolBox 50/Passive Duct and must not exceed more than 5pa for the NBR Coolbox 20/30 to provide the below sound levels and assurances of flow rate at the valve.