Lo-Carbon Response 7 Pro SELV

  • Designed especially for Social Housing
  • Ultra low profile for discreet installation
  • Continious running fan - Constant Volume on the PRO
  • Extracts up to 35 l/s
  • 7 year warranty
  • High performance on trickle to avoid going to boost too often
  • Intelligent Smart Sense™ technology tells you days run, boost hours run, energy used
  • IP45 Rated - IPX7 on SELV models
  • Small foorprint with optional decoration frame
  • Unique settings lock to prevent tampering

Product Overview

Ventilation Type
Decentralised Mechanical Extract Ventilation(dMEV)
Social Housing
Product Range
Lo-Carbon Response
Ducting/Connection Size
IP Rating

Designed for Social Housing
The intelligent Lo-Carbon Response 7 is a NEW filterless unitary fan designed to meet the specific needs of social housing. Boasting powerful, quiet, efficient ventilation, the Response provides good indoor air quality and comfort for residents while being quick and easy to install, low maintenance and reliable.

Smart Sense™ Technology
Featuring Smart Sense™ intelligent technology Response 7 is quick and easy to install due to its simple alpha numeric LED display which is clear, easy to read and has a three-button menu for commissioning and data gathering. Smart Sense™ technology even tells the LED display which orientation to use depending on whether it is wall or ceiling mounted. All of which saves time on site and reduces installation complications. The Response benefits from a unique settings lock to prevent tampering with the unit; giving the landlords peace of mind. The display also shows real-time data so landlords can reassure residents of the low-running costs. This includes data such as days run, hours on trickle or boost, and even more specifically, hours run on boost triggered by the humidity sensor. Response can also tell you how much energy the fan has used.

Side View of Airflow Display
Be confident that the Response 7 is delivering the right performance  with  our innovative digital display  showing  the airflow and system pressure of the installed product.

Comfort Control Option
Designed to offer a more relaxing environment to the homeowner, the LoCarbon Response 7 features a delayed start option. This new, patented, comfort control option is selectable at installation and allows the resident to enjoy a quiet, peaceful bathroom for up to 20 minutes before the Boost activates, drastically improving resident acceptability. Furthermore, if the light switch turns On and Off within 3 minutes, the Boost will not activate. No more disturbing the family if the bathroom light is turned on during the night.

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