Lo-Carbon PoziDry Pro FD with Heater

  • Diffuser with Integral Fire Damper
  • Anti-Vibration joist mounting legs as standard
  • Fully adjustable between 11 l/s - 49l/s
  • SmartSense™ technology offers simple control and data logging
  • Uses latest Lo-Carbon motor technology for low running costs
  • Ultra-low sound level
  • Flexible duct and G4 filters with F7 upgrade option (PM2.5 filtration)
  • Standard 5 Year warranty
  • IPX2 Rated
  • BBA Approved
Vent-Axia PoziDry Pro - Solves condensation, mould and chemicals with in a property
Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon PoziDry Pro with heater 360° view

Product Overview

Ventilation Type
Positive Input Ventilation (PIV)
Social Housing
Product Range
Lo-Carbon PoziDry Pro
Ducting/Connection Size

Positive Input Ventilation
Designed to prevent and treat condensation and mould quickly. 
The BBA approved PoziDry Pro™ is the perfect solution for general refurbishment, as its discreet, easy to install and almost silent running.

Lo-Carbon PoziDry Pro™ offers a quick and simple solution. A loft mounted positive input fan draws fresh air from the loft, filters it and gently feeds it into the dwelling via a ceiling mounted diffuser. Clean, fresh filtered air with a lower moisture content dilutes, displaces and replaces, contaminated and moisture laden air.

The Lo-Carbon PoziDry Pro™ is uniquely flexible in its installation methods, high sided anti-vibration legs and a hanging kit both come as standard, allowing the PoziDry Pro™ to be installed quickly in any sized loft. The easy carry handle incorporated into the body makes carrying the unit easy and safe; especially useful when lifting the unit through loft hatches. 

The unit is supplied with a purpose designed diffuser to be located over the stairwell of a conventional dwelling, in the main hall of a bungalow, in the landing or hallway. The 4-point contact easy fit technology allows fast and repeatable ‘drill free’ installation. 

Using Smart Sense™ Technology the unit is easily set to the appropriate speed at installation based on the size of the dwelling. Natural leakage points that are present in all dwellings, as well as purpose provided exhaust points enhances the air change. En-suites and utility areas should be serviced by continuous mechanical extract ventilation. 

The PoziDry Pro™ can also be set to ‘Radon’ mode in properties that are affected by high radon gas levels. The unit will run continuously to ensure the constant supply of good indoor air to protect residents from harmful gases.

With a lightweight construction, the Lo-Carbon PoziDry Pro™ features a specially developed Lo-Carbon DC fan/motor arrangement which runs quietly and delivers incredibly low running costs. The Lo-Carbon PoziDry Pro™ uses a sensor to monitor the temperature in the loft, automatically adjusting the air volume when necessary. Additionally, resident comfort can be assured through an option to change the temperature at which the unit increases or decreases airflow. The unit will continuously ventilate silently in the background whilst in ‘Trickle’ mode. Once the unit automatically senses excess heat being lost into the loft the airflow will increase to ‘Energy Recovery’ mode to recover heat that would otherwise be lost through the roof. During summer months should the loft exceed 27°C (adjustable) the unit will enter ‘Stand-by’ mode in order stop the circulation of warm air allowing for a more comfortable living environment. PoziDry Pro™ Heater  
models automatically turn on the 500W heater to help take the chill off the incoming air. 

Standard filters supplied with the PoziDry Pro™ are G4 (PM10 filtration)
which filter out many every day pollutants such as pollen and dust. Optional
F7 filters are available (PM2.5 filtration) removing tobacco smoke, diesel
particulates, spores and a number of bacteria.

Data Logger
Smart Sense™ Technology allows the unit to record how long it has been running in each of its speeds. It also measures the number of days the product has been switched on to provide precise running information. Smart Sense™ Technology can also record the duration of heater activity and energy used. 

Speed Control
Smart Sense™ Technology makes speed selection easy. Once house size is selected based on number of bedrooms, PoziDry Pro™ automatically selects the correct ‘Trickle’ and ‘Energy Recovery’ speeds. Should you need to adjust speed manually this can be done easily. The Smart Sense™ interface can also be locked ensuring that settings are not tampered with. 

The heater model comes with a 500W heater attached to the unit. Smart Sense™ controls allow the PoziDry Pro™ to be adjusted fully when the heater is activated making it adaptable for all lifestyles.

Air Replacement Grille Set*
This set is for air replacement through doors. Consists of a two-piece telescopic set, which fits unobtrusively on either side of the door panel. Minimum fixing thickness 30mm. Plastic. Dimensions: 454 x 90mm.

*Only required if there is not a 10mm undercut on the internal doors.

Mounting Options
PoziDry Pro™ comes as standard with both high sided anti-vibration legs and a hanging kit. The legs are designed to mount between standard joist widths between 300-650mm. Clip and fit connections allow for easy installation. 

The electronically controlled DC motor is manufactured with long life ball bearings and is fitted with Overload Protection. Suitable for ambient operating temperatures of -25°C to +40°C. For complete peace of mind, the Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon PoziDry Pro™ is backed by a 5 year warranty.

Discreet Diffuser
The discreet circular diffuser** is easily installed, fitted and maintained. Easy fix features it can be installed against uneven ceiling surfaces with no gaps. Its low profile and aesthetically pleasing design has been developed with tenant acceptability in mind. The Smart Air™ Technology reduces air supply noise while increasing performance by 10%. The easy clip blanking plates help to control airflow into the property.

**Diffuser will always be supplied using white plastic.

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