Lo-Carbon Kitchen Box Fan Single Phase 450mm

  • Energy efficient EC motor
  • 120°C airstream rated
  • Sealed for life motor
  • Flexible installation, straight through or turn through 90° as standard
  • Internal or external mounting as standard
  • 25mm Double skin casing
  • Integral IP65 Isolator
  • Simple potentiometer control
  • Compliant part L 2013 SFP for requirements for kitchen ventilation systems
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Product Overview

Ventilation Type
Commercial Ventilation
Product Range
Lo-Carbon Kitchen Box Fan (EKF)

Reduces your potential fan running costs by up to 44% per day!

Vent-Axia’s latest product offering in the Non Residential sector is a centrifugal box fan specifically designed for kitchen operation at elevated duct temperatures of up to 120°C. Working closely with our Engineering partner, the motor impeller arrangement has been specifically engineered to benefit from the efficiencies of an EC external rotor motor mounted out of the airstream to allow for operation at 120°C in duct temperatures.

The casing is constructed from a framed 25mm double skin with acoustic insulation to minimize unit noise. With careful thought to maximizing the installation possibilities from one unit Vent-Axia have managed to create a single unit that is suitable for both internal and external mounting as standard. In addition to this the duct configuration can be either straight blow through or turn through 90° and with the motor shaft either horizontal or vertical this enables the fan to be mounted in any orientation.

The Kitchen Box Fan range is powered by highly efficient, electronically commutated (EC) motors with permanent magnets, exceeding the minimum efficiency requirements for IE3 motors. All units are fully speed controllable via the onboard electronics utilising a 0-10V input signal. Motors and the onboard electronics are protected to IP54 as standard mounted and are out of the airstream.

The combination of an EC high efficiency motor and a high efficiency backward curved impeller ensures ERP 2015 compliance.

A backward curved welded Aluminium impeller is mounted on an extended shaft from the EC external motor. Motor and impeller is balanced as a finished assembly to G2.5 to ensure vibration free operation. Impeller matched to inlet cone for optimum performance.

Speed Control
By utilising EC motors the EKF range has been designed for simple Demand Ventilation control facilitated by use of a 0-10V potentiometer. This low voltage controller can then be mounted within the kitchen area thereby removing the risk of overheating or damaging the control circuits.

The fan performance has been tested in accordance with ISO 5801 DIN 24163.

Sound Levels
Fan sound levels were measured in a reverberant chamber in accordance with EN ISO 3745. Published dB(A) figures are free field at a distance of 3m with hemispherical propagation at a reference level of 2x10-5. The sound power level spectra figures are dB with a reference level of 10-12 Watts.

Depending on unit size the EKF range is suitable for either single phase 220-240V 50Hz or three phase 380-414V 50Hz. All mains wiring is direct to the built in IP65 isolator mounted on the motor support plate providing simple and safe connection and operation.

A full range of accessories are available for the EKF range including:
- Potentiometer speed controller (included as standard)
- Square to round duct connectors
- Flexible connectors
- Mounting support and A/V mount set
- Weather cowl
- Discharge louvre

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