Freshvent 100mm Thermostatically Regulated

  • Completely silent, all year round ventilation
  • Complements existing ventilating fans
  • Filtered, natural air without draughts
  • Control of the indoor environment
  • Helps prevent damaging condensation
  • No energy consumption, no running costs

Product Overview

Ventilation Type
Residential Ventilation
Private Refurbishment
Product Range

Natural Ventilation
Freshvent 100 is a range of passive ventilators that simply and naturally provide the effective ventilation needed by everyone working and living in an indoor environment. When used with positive pressure ventilation, Freshvent 100 provides an important outlet for air circulating around the house. Stale air is expelled through the unit to the outside without letting in noise and draughts.

This makes Freshvent 100 particularly suited to the ‘tight’ construction of new homes - and provides a stylish alternative to traditional slot/airbrick type ventilators. In addition, Freshvent 100 is ideal for older properties that have been refurbished with double glazing and loft insulation. They require ventilation to combat the problems associated with condensation.

Kitchens, utility rooms, bathrooms and toilets are rooms where conventional domestic extract fans are normally found. The natural ventilation principle of Freshvent 100 is particularly suitable for ‘clean’ living spaces such as bedrooms, lounges and work rooms.

There are four Vent-Axia Freshvent 100 models and an extensive range of accessories available to customise the units to your exact requirements. Both units are easily dismantled allowing quick access to the filter for cleaning or replacement. The high capacity of the filter, results in fewer filter changes. The damper plate is insulated against condensation and noise penetration.

The Freshvent has 2700 mm² equivalent area.

Acoustic Duct Versions
Acoustically damped pipe fitted around unit to reduce external sources of noise such as traffic. Suitable for bedrooms and other rooms where low noise levels are a priority. Comes complete with Freshvent 100 db and Freshvent 100 Thermo db versions.

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