Deluxe Quick Internal Fit Wall Kit Brown 100mm

  • Can be installed entirely from the inside of a property, reducing installation time and removing the need for costly and time consuming external grille fitting involving scaffolding.
  • This innovative new wall kit includes an adjustable wall liner and external grille with a rubber seal on the outside of the building.
  • The wall kit can be adjusted to wall thicknesses anywhere between 225mm and 390mm – just measure the wall, then use the guide on the tube of the wall kit to set it to the correct length.
  • Simply insert the tube into the hole, deploy the external grille and 3 pins will hold the wall kit securely in place. The external grille and seal can then be pulled back against the external wall so a tight fit can be achieved.
  • The external rubber seal covers up any break-out on the external hole and leaves a clean, tidy finish. In addition, the rubber seal will help to protect against water ingress.
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Product Overview

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Internal Fit Wall Kit
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Internal Fit Wall Kit
The NEW Internal Fit Wall Kit is designed to simplify installation and improve the finish of 100mm through the wall installations, also providing an external grille and water ingress protection shroud.

High Rise Buildings
The Wall Kit is fully installed from inside the building, avoiding the need for scaffolding and significantly reducing the cost and complexity associated with these sites. After core-drilling a 117mm hole, or utilising an appropriate existing hole, the Kit simply pushes through from the inside of the building. Spring pins secure the external grille in position and the external shroud deploys around the grille covering up break-out from the external surface.

Installer Friendly
Quick and easy to install, the Internal Fit Wall Kit cuts down time on site when compared to traditional methods using flexi-duct. Installers no longer need to spend time fixing flexi-duct to fans and grilles using jubilee clips, or going outside to fit the grille. The tubes extend to accommodate wall thicknesses from 225mm up to 390mm and lock into position for a secure fit. The internal flange is also flexible enough to accommodate deviations in the internal surface finish.

Building Regulations
The external grille free area is greater than 90% of the area of the duct making it suitable for continuous running systems as well as for intermittent fans.

Backdraught Shutter
The Internal Fit Wall Kit has optional backdraught shutter models. Particularly useful with intermittent fans, the backdraught shutter will ensure no draughts and gusts come in to the home through the wall kit.

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