300mm Round Pyrocheck Intumescent Fire Dampers

  • Suitable for air transfer in doors and partitions
  • Complete seal achieved in approximately five minutes when tested in accordance with BS 476 part 20 & 22
  • UV Stabilised material UPVC
  • Pyrocheck offer much lower resistance to airflow compared to traditional designs
  • Independently tested to BS 476 Part. 22; fire integrity of 68 mins
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Product Overview

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Pyrocheck Fire Dampers

Pyrocheck CVT Intumescent Fire Dampers are available in rectangular or circular form and have a minimum fire integrity of one hour (in accordance with BS476 Part 8 1972). The fire dampers have been independently tested at the Warrington Fire Research Centre.

Intumescent fire dampers require no mechanical or external/device to operate as they rely solely on an internal reaction initiated by heat. They are, therefore, especially suitable for applications where regular inspection is unlikely or difficult or where mechanical devices would be susceptible to shock or corrosion damage.

Typical applications are air transfer in fire doors or partitions.

The active material is encased in a uPVC sleeve giving maximum protection against moulds, fungi, insect attack or similar biological damage, and may reasonably be expected to last for the life of the building. Unaffected by UV light, capable of withstanding freeze/thaw cycling and able to support ambient temperatures within the range -10°C to +80°C.

In a fire situation Pyrocheck CVT Dampers will rapidly expand to completely block the duct or opening thus preventing the further passage of smoke and hot gasses.

An unusually high free area means that Pyrocheck CVT Dampers offer much lower resistance to air flow compared to traditional intumescent designs.

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