150 to 100mm Conversion Kit for Centra Fans

  • Conversion Kit from 150 - 100mm Hole Size with Decoration Frame
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Lo-Carbon Centra 150-100mm Adaptor

Product Overview

Ventilation Type
Social Housing
Product Range
100 - 150mm Accessories

What is de-centralised MEV (dMEV)?
Building Regulations Approved Document F gives examples of three main methods of ventilation. Continuous mechanical extract ventilation, can be achieved using a single centralised extract unit such as the Sentinel Multivent ducted to ‘wet’ rooms (kitchen, bathroom, en-suite and WC) or by decentralised individual fans, such as the Lo-Carbon Centra in the ‘wet’ rooms. The fans run continuously at near silent levels providing a simple and effective form of ventilation.

SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) is designed for areas where a fan can be installed within Zone 1 in a room where there is a fixed bath or shower. Ingress Protected (IP) to IPX7 Lo-Carbon Centra SELV can be fitted safely within the spray area. The separate transformer can be
mounted away from the spray zone and out of reach from the bath or shower.

The Lo-Carbon Centra meets the latest requirements of the Building Regulations Approved Document F for wholehouse system ventilation and all models come with a 5 year motor guarantee.
Selection of the two trickle flow rates (6l/s or 9l/s) is via a simple ‘jumper’ on the control board. Different methods are available for operating the 15 l/s boost speed from a simple switched live to integral humidistat. See individual models for further details.
The attractive and discreet styling of the Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon Centra will complement the décor of any new home while virtually silent operation ensures optimum ventilation is achieved without intrusive noise.

Specific Fan Power
dMEV version recognised in SAP PCDB. Lo-Carbon Centra has a specific fan power of only 0.18 W/l/s in through-the-wall kitchen applications.