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Vent-Axia Updates its Online Fan Selection Program

Published: 20/08/2021

fan selection program Leading British ventilation manufacturer Vent-Axia is dedicated to making it as easy as possible for its customers to find the product information they need. The company has therefore updated its online fan selection and quotation tool as part of its continued digital transformation. Vent-Axia’s upgraded Fan Selection Program (FSP) is set to further improve customer service by making it even easier for specifiers to use the tool to select the right ventilation for a project. Now mobile and tablet-friendly, the FSP offers wider access for customers.

Offering a clean, fresh, simple and attractive design, the Fan Selection Program is packed with useful features to help specifiers find the right solutions for their projects. Logical and intuitive the FSP is split into three simple sections: Fan Selection, Volume Calculator, and Trade Price Quote. Within these sections the Fan Selection Program uses input project details to compile all the necessary data to make ventilation selection, for example, on the Fan Selection page, project specification requirements are entered from volume and pressure to tolerances and specific fan powers.

A new feature on the upgraded tool is that it is now possible to select multiple fan types in searches rather than just one, by ticking more than one fan option. This both saves time for specifiers and also allows them to compare and choose between suitable products. Another new helpful feature is a fan performance curve which allows customers to alter the curve up or down to ensure a fan meets their specification ventilation requirements. Plus, there is also a new volume calculator for specifiers which easily calculates the volume required for each commercial or domestic project simply by inputting the room details such as size, air performance, and mounting location. Finally, specifiers who were already using the previous version of the Vent-Axia Fan Selection Program can be reassured that any previous quotes from the older version can be migrated over to the new system for ease of access.

“Vent-Axia’s ongoing digital transformation is providing many benefits for our customers and this updated Fan Selection Program is set to be a great addition to our ever-improving online offering. Logical, intuitive and simple to use, specifiers can also export the data into Excel or as a PDF,” explains Dave Cook, Technical Product Manager at Vent-Axia. “Our improved Fan Selection Program will enable our customers to quickly and easily obtain all the information they need on the right product for every job, wherever they are. Plus, the tool helpfully lists which accessories go with each product and this can all be added to project folders in the login area.”

The new Fan Selection Program is located in the same place on the website as its predecessor, at The Fan Selection Program’s upgrade forms part of Vent-Axia’s ongoing continued digital transformation that has included the company’s Knowledge Hub app and a website update with improved search functionality and downloadable BIM models. Vent-Axia is also a Founder Member of EDATA, a new product data pool initiative from the Electrical Distributors’ Association (EDA).

For further information on all products and services offered by Vent-Axia telephone +44 (0)344 856 0590

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