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Vent-Axia Sets a New Standard in Commercial Heat Recovery with the Launch of the Award-Winning Sentinel Apex

Published: 20/11/2023

Vent-Axia has launched the next generation of commercial heat recovery ventilation with the Sentinel Apex, to help specifiers create low carbon buildings as we head towards the UK’s 2050 net-zero target. The Sentinel Apex has been designed to be highly energy efficient with industry-leading low specific fan powers (SFP) and low embodied carbon. Occupant comfort has also been a priority in its development with the Apex operating quietly as it efficiently improves indoor air quality. Meanwhile, to make specification simpler for consultants the Apex also features many components and controls as standard.

The Sentinel Apex achieves the holy grail by delivering the highest level of IAQ and thermal comfort with the lowest energy and noise levels. Offering up to 93% heat recovery efficiency (EN308 test method), alongside ultra-low sound levels, which are independently tested and verified by Sound Research Laboratories, and extremely low SFP, results in a significant performance improvement compared to previous commercial heat recovery units. Meanwhile, Sentinel Apex's intuitive controls are compatible with Vent-Axia’s range of Sentinel-X Sensors, allowing easily configurable set points ensuring optimised IAQ, in line with Part F of the Building Regulations, while also minimising ventilation energy consumption.

To help ensure the highest levels of IAQ, Apex features ePM10 50% extract and ePM1 55% supply filters (M5/F7 equivalent) as standard. By carefully selecting the filter media and utilising the latest motors and impellers with better than IE5 efficiency Apex maintains extremely low SFP with low sound levels whilst maintaining excellent IAQ.

As well as IAQ and energy efficiency, thermal comfort is vital in our buildings. As buildings become increasingly airtight the threat of buildings overheating is growing. The Sentinel Apex is the ideal solution since it features an integral automatic summer bypass designed to provide free cooling when available but is sized to eliminate performance loss.

“At Vent-Axia, we understand the challenges that come with designing low-carbon buildings, which is why we want to make things as easy as possible for specifiers. The Sentinel Apex has been designed to help specifiers on their decarbonisation journey, every aspect has been considered in its development to maximise its energy efficiency and performance, while providing excellent IAQ, ultra-low sound levels and thermal comfort. We have also designed the Apex to have a low embodied carbon footprint and to help consultants we have used CIBSE TM65 data collection methodology to provide accurate and detailed carbon information”, said Louise McHugh, C&I Product Manager.

Developed for a wide range of applications, specifiers can choose from five sizes, delivering airflows up to 4000m3/hr. Designed to operate on the principles of demand ventilation the Apex is ideal for applications where the rooms are used at different times of the day by a variable number of people. The Sentinel Apex system, with the matched range of Sentinel-X Sensors, can monitor occupancy and air quality and respond by adjusting the ventilation accordingly to maintain the IAQ and thermal comfort within predefined limits whilst recovering up to 93% of the extracted thermal energy.

The Apex’s new advanced integrated control system has 3 levels of interface, all as standard: simple purpose designed onboard user interface controller incorporating an alphanumerical, 2-line display that lets users know how the system is operating with 4-button keypad for fan status and a basic commissioning setup mounted within the control panel. This allows easy commissioning and set-up. A full range of wired and wireless communication sensors are available, with either local mains or battery powered options.

The controls are designed to take the complexity out of the control system making it easy for the user, with two levels of interface: one for the engineer allowing commissioning and one simpler one for the end-user allowing them to easily monitor and boost the system if additional ventilation is required.

Offering ‘simply more as standard’ the Sentinel Apex boasts a range of features, components and controls that come as standard with the unit. This means consultants do not need to specify multiple different components or precisely specify the level of control required when selecting a commercial heat recovery unit. This makes specification simpler and saves time. Standard features include side and bottom access panels to facilitate normal access and maintenance. An integral condensate tray is also fitted as standard along with an internal quiet running high quality pump allowing for removal of the condensate. In addition, the Sentinel Apex is manufactured with double-skin construction and acoustic infill for class-leading acoustic properties, plus an electric frost protection heater.

Designed to have a low embodied carbon footprint, Vent-Axia has used the CIBSE TM65 data collection methodology to collect accurate, detailed embodied carbon information for the Apex, working from a component level up. This methodology ensures data is comprehensive, accurate, reliable and up-to-date, making it easier for specifiers to focus on designing low carbon sustainable buildings.

UK-manufactured the supply chain involved is as short as possible, it is completely serviceable and maintainable and all components can be removed and replaced if necessary. Apex’s end of life has also been considered ensuring it can be easily re-purposed or recycled, further enhancing its life-cycle credentials.

For further information on the new Sentinel Apex get in touch with the Vent-Axia Commercial & Industrial sales team:

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