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Selecting Mechanical Extract Ventilation Just Got Easier

A reliable, highly efficient, quiet and easy to operate ventilation system is the key to unlocking a healthier, greener future. The centralised (MEV) and decentralised mechanical extract ventilation (dMEV) systems from Vent-Axia offer market-leading efficiency across a range of products with an easy-to-operate control platform and extremely low operating noise. Both the MEV and DMEV ranges allow installers to select flow rates to meet project requirements and a 7 year warranty across the range gives homeowners peace of mind. Along with supplying market-leading products for over 80 years, the MEV & dMEV range from Vent-Axia has just made it even easier to select the right ventilation system for your project.


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Centralised Mechanical Extract Ventilation


Decentralised Mechanical Extract Ventilation


MEV and dMEV for New Build Residental

Market Leading

As ever, the MEV and dMEV
range from Vent-Axia boasts
market leading efficiencies
allowing Dwelling Emission Rates
to be kept at a minimum.


Ultra Quiet

The MEV and dMEV range has
been carefully designed using
cutting edge CFD modelling to
reduce energy loss and noise
across all performance points.


Easy Installation

With a common digital control
platform throughout the range
and smart accessories for use
through the home, the MEV and
dMEV range is a breeze to
install, commission and control.


Compact Design

The low-profile, sleek design of
the dMEV and compact footprint
of the MEV ensure an unobtrusive
offering in the home without
requiring you to take up valuable



A wealth of control and switching
options across the range gives
you the flexibility to provide
a solution to any New Build


Peace of Mind

Along with 3rd party testing for
all sound and efficiency data, 80
years of supplying market leading
ventilation products across the
world gives you the peace of
mind that our dMEV and MEV
ranges are the number 1 choice
for mechanical extract ventilation.



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The new Multivent MEV family has been designed to meet the Future Homes Standard. With MEV and DMEV units available, house builders will be able to find the unit for their needs.

The New Vent-Axia Multivent MEV Family