Sentinel Kinetic Advance

For healthier indoor air quality

Understand your Kinetic Advance

What is it and why is it there?


Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery - MVHR

Your Kinetic Advance continuously supplies and extracts air throughout your home. A balanced low energy ventilation solution, it recovers up to 93% of heat from the home in winter and in summer the unit recovers coolness, helping to prevent your home from getting too warm. All this whilst keeping the quality of the air fresher and healthier indoors. For more information click below:


Control Options


Service: The interval between services depends on the internal and external environment. Your installer will set the
duration during the commissioning and your unit will remind you at the appropriate time.

Filters: It is important that filters are cleaned and replaced at the correct intervals. Your installer will set the duration during commissioning and your unit will remind you at the appropriate time.

If your unit is fitted with Wifi, your App will remind you about servicing and filter maintenance.

View how to change your filters here.

Buy Filters


Single mounting bracket for quick and simple installation.
App Commissioning
When carrying out the time-consuming system balancing, the App allows the installer to modify airflows without returning to the unit
Wall Fitting
Adjustable stand-off feet ensure correct fitting on uneven surfaces.
Floor mounting
Optional adjustable legs are available when floor mounting the unit.
Left or right handed
Selecting the spigots to atmosphere is done simply and easily via the touch screen controller.
USB Port
All commissioned settings can be downloaded onto a USB stick and uploaded into the next installation.


Ultra quiet heat recovery unit with the best performance on the PCDB available today. Install and control using the touch screen controller or wirelessly through the Vent-Axia Connect App

•   G3, M5 and F7 filter options
•   WiFi App control option
•   Lightweight for easier installation
•   Pre-commissioning via USB