Standard Range Spares/Replacement Information

As the iconic Standard Range is being made obsolete after such a long life, we would like to provide answers to some of your questions.

Time line of the Standard Range
                • Launched in 1958, with no significant design changes from inception to today.
                • T-Series launched in 1986 and was designed as the Standard Range's replacement.
                • 30 years later we still sell the Standard Range as well.
                • In 2018 the Standard Range was 60 years old!
                • We have tried to manage the end of the Standard Range as best we can to fully support our customers.

Why is it being discontinued?
The moulding method is very outdated and materials used in its production are coming to the end of their available life, with costs and lead times rising significantly. Tools are now at the end of life, at current volumes it is uneconomic to make new tools. Future regulation changes will eventually make this range obsolete.

What are my options when Standard Range is not available?
The T-Series was designed as a replacement. Most installations can be fitted with a T-Series instead of a Standard Range model with only a small amount of modification. Please see the ‘Fitting Guide for Replacing a Standard Range Installation with a T-Series Model’ for full details explaining each model and the options/modifications that may be required on site.

My building is listed/I must keep the look of the existing Standard Range fan.
We are supporting this type of request by keeping a limited range of key spares for the Standard Range. This will not cover any mouldings, fascias and grills but will cover the motor and impeller. You will be able to replace these key parts and keep the existing mouldings to extend the life of your Standard Range fan.

One of the moulded parts has been damaged/vandalised - will any spare mouldings be available?
Unfortunately not, however it is always worth a call to Technical Support with an image and size of the moulding required, they will then be able to investigate if there are any replacement mouldings available. Please note that we cannot guarantee this will be the case.


Standard Range Spares Guide

Download the standard range spare guide here.



Fitting Guide for Replacing a Standard Range

Download the fitting guide for replacing a standard range installation with a T-series model here



The Solution

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