Private Refurbishments Ventilation Products

By working closely with private homeowners, electricians and self-builders, Vent-Axia continues to design and manufacture products that provide energy efficient ventilation solutions and healthier indoor environment.

Silent Fan - Bathroom and Kitchen Fan

Designed to meet the specific needs of homeowners, Vent-Axia’s range of bathroom and kitchen fans boasts powerful, quiet, efficient ventilation, providing good indoor air quality and comfort for residents while being quick and easy to install, low maintenance and reliable.

Vent-Axia PureAir Sense - Bathroom Fan with Odour Sensor

Designed to improve the air households breathe, the bathroom fans with odour sensor is equipped with a pioneering odour sensor that increases airflow when the air is poor, helping ensure a comfortable living environment. When the sensor detects a strong odour, the fan speed increases and quickly extracts the odour to help ensure the air always feels fresh. 

Lo Carbon Svara - A Multi-functional Bathroom Fan

Take control of the air you breathe in your bathroom with the stylish Lo-Carbon Svara. This fan offers a range of functions you can adjust from your phone, allowing flexibility when you need it. You can choose from intermittent or continuous running as well as a number of other cleaver features such as light sensor, overrun timer, humidistat and silent scheduling to avoid nuisance running.

PureAir Home - Positive Input Ventilation

Positive input ventilation (PIV) - Positive input ventilation (PIV) is an energy efficient method of pushing out and replacing stale unhealthy air with clean drier air, by gently pressurising the home and increasing the circulation of air.

Lo-Carbon Multivent - Centralised Mechanical Extraction Ventilation

Centralised Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV) is a  whole dwelling ventilation system that supplies and extracts air continuously at a low rate. It is a systems where a unit is mounted in a loft or cupboard and ducted to extract polluted air from the wet rooms of the house. The replacement air enters the home through window vents or airbricks. The unit helps to remove pollutants, such as moisture, carbon dioxide and external fumes helping to maintaining good indoor air quality and creating a better living environment.

Lo-Carbon Tempra - Single room heat recovery

Improving air quality on a room-by-room basis, the through-the-wall mounted range of Vent-Axia’s single room heat recovery(SRHR) range of ventilation units simultaneously extract stale air and introduce fresh air – warming the incoming airflow with heat recovered from the exhaust stream.

ACM In-line fan

The Vent-Axia Mixed flow fans is a range of high performance fans. The Fans are designed around a high efficiency, high pressure development mixed flow impeller, offering a very compact design with high performance and low sound level.

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