EuroSeries Plate Fan Three Phase 6 Pole 800mm

  • Die cast aluminium impellers
  • Fully speed controllable
  • Air Volumes up to 13.89m3 /s
  • Sizes 250mm to 1000mm dia protected to IP54
  • Operating Temperatures from -40°C up to +70°C Motor
  • Insulation Class F
  • Thermal overload for motor protection
  • Most Models Reversible - Supply or Extract
  • Quality Assurance to BS EN ISO 9001:1994
  • Performance tested to ISO 5801

Product Overview

Ventilation Type
Commercial Ventilation
Product Range
ESP (EuroSeries Plate Fan)

The EuroSeries® ESP axial blade plate fans, feature a single shot die cast aluminium blade and external rotor motor design.

The EuroSeries® ESP range is available in eleven sizes with the extract performances up to 13.89m³/s, with pressure characteristics of up 300Pa. All units are designed for speed controllable.


All sizes are supplied with cast aluminium impellers, ensuring performance when working against outdoor conditions and abrasive airflow. Where fans are reversible for Intake a -30% drop in performance can be expected.


External rotor motors are specially designed and styled for this range of fan. Ball bearings are greased for life. Rotors are dynamically balanced to ISO 1940. Sizes 250-1000mm, motors are protected to IP54, against dust and moisture complying with BS EN 60529:1992. They are ribbed aluminium body castings for efficient cooling. Motor insulation is Class ‘F’ (from -40°C to +70°C).


Single phase 220-240V 50Hz. Capacitor start and run. Three phase 380-415V 50Hz. An IP54 terminal box are supplied with 20mm and PGII entry. All motors are fitted with thermal overload protection which should be wired into all controller circuits and into starter contactors. Models are available with either 2,4,6 or 8 pole motors.

Terminal Box

Terminal Box to IP54 as standard, protected against dust and water from any angle allowing outside applications.


The fan performance is in accordance with tests to BS848 Part 1 1980.

Sound Levels

Fan sound levels are measured in a reverberant chamber in accordance with BS848 Part 2 1985. Published dB(A) figures are free field sound pressure levels at 3m with spherical propagation at a reference level of 2 x 10-5 Pa (20 micro-Pascal). The sound power level spectra figures are dB with reference level of 10-12 Watts (1 pico-watt). To ensure minimum noise levels during speed control, an auto transformer speed control is recommended.


A full range of accessories:

  • Electronic Speed Controllers
  • Auto Transformer Speed Controllers
  • D.O.L. Starters & Overloads
  • Discharge Guards
  • Louvre Shutters

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eDemand Frequency Inverter Three Phase 5 Amp
  • Demand ventilation control for A/C speed controllable fans
  • Quick start-up by pre-programmed modes
  • IP54 rated
  • Total motor protection using thermistor connection
  • LCD multifunction display
  • 2 x analogue input for sensors (0-10V – separate power supply required, 0-20mA)
  • CO2 Control
  • Temperature control
  • Constant pressure control
  • Manual remote speed adjuster (0-20mA)