A range designed for photographic, medical, dental and veterinarian applications - used also for opticians and other specialist applications. Most darkrooms need a minimum of ten air changes per hour for comfort and efficiency. For rooms containing heat producing equipment (eg: print glazers) a higher rate of air change may be desirable.

The Darkroom model has two cowls, the interior cowl being designed to give light protection. It can be installed in windows, partitions, external walls or roofs. Extended fixing rods for fixing thicknesses up to 370mm are supplied with the unit. Provision should be made for adequate air replacement through Vent-Axia non-vision grilles. For areas requiring total light exclusion, contact your local Vent-Axia Sales Office.


With energy savings in mind TX models are supplied complete with an integral instantaneous automatic louvre shutter concealed behind the interior cowl. Operates on intake and extract at any angle of mounting.

The shutter is electronically controlled by an actuator with a damped action giving quiet operation during instant opening and closing. The interlocking edges of the shutter blades provide maximum backdraught protection.

When used with a T-Series controller, the shutter can be set open with the fan motor switched Off to provide natural ventilation without the security risk of an open window.

TL models do not have a shutter. They are suitable for room to room systems and where there is a need for ventilation of specialised equipment. The TL model will also provide natural ventilation where required when the unit is switched Off. Suitable for operation in ambient temperatures from -40°C to +50°C.