Noise Action WeekVent-Axia is delighted to be supporting Noise Action Week (21-26 May 2018) for the sixth year in a row. Co-ordinated by Environmental Protection UK, Noise Action Week aims to raise awareness of the cost of noise to the health and wellbeing of communities and individuals as well as helping tacklenoiseproblems in our neighbourhoods. At Vent-Axia the company also aims to help tackle household noise through a focus on continuing improvement through its R&D to produce the quietest products on the market, including the Lo-Carbon Svara and the Silent Fan, which both have a Quiet Mark.

Leading the way in silent fan design, Vent-Axia is committed to reducing sound levels in its products to help create a peaceful home environment. Sound levels are an important comfort issue, with nuisance noise causing unnecessary stress in the home. A raft of research has highlighted the detrimental health impact of noise with the Chief Medical Officer’s 2017 Annual Report ‘Health Impacts of all Pollution’ confirming the effects of noise pollution, stating “Noise stands second to poor air quality in terms of the burden of ill health caused by a single pollutant.”

We are delighted to once again be supporting Noise Action Week. Excessive noise causes many problems and is now proven to affect our health and wellbeing so this initiative is an important way of highlighting the benefits of noise reduction. At Vent-Axia we are committed to developing quiet ventilation solutions that meet our customers’ needs. We have a sound laboratory and use computational fluid dynamics to ensure we can provide the quietest ventilation on the market” said Jenny Smith, Marketing Manager at Vent-Axia.

Offering a solution to noisy extract fans, Vent-Axia’s Lo-Carbon Svara and Silent Fan have both been awarded the Quiet Mark by the Noise Abatement Society, a mark of approval given World-Wide to manufacturers of the quietest products on the market and validated by the UK’s Association of Noise Consultants. The highly sophisticated Svara ensures quiet, disturbance free running with good indoor air quality and comfort. Easy and flexible to install and maintain, it offers a range of features that avoid nuisance running, a clever light sensor that recognises room occupancy and an effective humidistat which reacts to sharp changes in humidity. Meanwhile the innovative Silent Fan is ideal for refurbishment projects and is the quietest intermittent fan available, operating at just 14dBA. A recent redesign now offers ‘visual’ silence as well as acoustic silence, with simple, clean lines and an attractive slimline fascia that looks like a bathroom tile ensuring it is unobtrusive for households who can relax in comfort, free from noise-related stress.

Meanwhile, for the social housing sector Vent-Axia’s Lo-Carbon Revive has been designed to meet the specific needs of the social housing sector, providing good indoor air quality and comfort for residents while being quick and easy to install, low maintenance and reliable. With resident satisfaction vital, Vent-Axia’s R&D department has developed Revive’s innovative Multi-Vortex™ technology which has a high-pressure hybrid impellor that is powerful and efficient, yet quiet. The fan operates discreetly providing continuous ventilation, removing moisture and stale air, leaving a comfortable home environment.

For the New Build sector, Vent-Axia’s Sentinel Kinetic Advance Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) offers exceptional efficiency, near silent operation, high pressure development and improved indoor air quality. The Advance also features time-saving commissioning and control via a unique web-enabled App. Featuring trickle settings of up to 40% that still stay below 20dBA the Advance boasts a specific fan power (SFP) as low as 0.38W/l/s, combined with 93% heat recovery and a high pressure airflow of 100l/s at 150Pa. Maximised airflows and minimised noise and energy are achieved through cutting-edge EC motor and highly sculpted interiors.

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Noise Action Week 2018

  • Noise Action Week is an annual opportunity to focus the attention of communities on the problems excessive noise can cause for us all – at home, at work, at study and at leisure. Sounds in the wrong place and at the wrong time can have an impact on all of our lives. There are simple solutions to many noise annoyances – and noise management services are available to help with more serious problems. It provides an opportunity for local authorities, housing providers, mediation services and all those involved in neighbourhood noise management to raise awareness of services available and promote practical solutions.
  • A mark of approval awarded by the Noise Abatement Society, the Quiet Mark is given to World-Wide manufacturers of the quietest products on the market and is validated by UK’s Association of Noise Consultants. The objective of the initiative is to reduce noise and so achieve a healthier stress-free living and working environment. The Quiet Mark award therefore enables consumers and specifiers to make an informed choice allowing them to easily select quieter products via the online Quiet Mark Directory
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