Crawley Borough CouncilVent-Axia has helped Crawley Borough Council to improve the indoor environment of a tenant’s home by supplying a Lo-Carbon PoziDry Compact fan. Crawley Borough Council consulted Vent-Axia when a tenant’s home had a problem with condensation, mould and damp. Vent-Axia provided a Pozidry fan as a solution and within just two months of the installation the problem was resolved.

The Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) compact system was recommended for the tenant’s property following a survey by Vent-Axia which identified that moisture levels in the property were high and not being removed effectively. The property needed a solution that would ensure the moist air was replaced by dryer fresh air. It was proposed that the Lo-Carbon PoziDry Compact was installed in the hallway combined with a mechanical fresh air vent in the bedroom.  After the system was installed the results were almost instant – the PoziDry provided a quick and simple solution, improving the indoor air quality for the tenant.

“It just goes to show that if you choose the right solution you can quickly solve a problem – installing the Vent-Axia fan resulted in a positive impact on the whole house’s ventilation” said Barnaby Jones, Mechanical and Electrical Services Surveyor, Crawley Borough Council. “The indoor environment has hugely improved for the occupants – no more unpleasant smells, unsightly mould and poor indoor air quality. And the integrity of the building structure has been maintained too. It’s been a great success.”

Vent-Axia’s Lo-Carbon PoziDry Compact unit offers a quick, simple and efficient solution to controlling condensation within a property, particularly in the refurbishment and social housing sector. For those properties that do not have a loft, Lo-Carbon PoziDry Compact provides an easy to install solution. The BBA-approved unit is duct mounted and can be fitted in a number of locations within a single floor flat or apartment. 

The fan works by drawing in fresh air from outside via an external inlet and through a short length of duct, filtering it through an integral, high capacity, washable filter and gently introducing it into the dwelling via a discreet wall mounted grille. This directs the airflow upwards where the incoming air mixes with the warm air that gathers at ceiling height. The unit can be used for air replacement when combined with an extractor fan. The system provides fresh, filtered, tempered air into the home and creates a healthy indoor environment helping to avoid condensation and mould, benefiting both the occupants and the structure of the building.

The system uses the latest Lo-Carbon technology motor with a backward curved impeller resulting in increased efficiency, lower running costs, a reduced carbon footprint and ultra low noise levels. Meanwhile, with good indoor air quality vital to the health of the home and occupants, a G4 filter is included as standard to ensure that the air coming in to the property does not contain pollens or other similar particulates.

Utilising a sensor to monitor internal air temperature in the loft, the PoziDry automatically adjusts the air volume when necessary and provides partial heat recovery. The fan automatically varies its speed to either ‘trickle’ or ‘normal’ depending on the ambient temperature measured.  If the ambient temperature exceeds 27°C, the Lo-Carbon PoziDry Compact will automatically switch to standby (no airflow).

For social housing the PoziDry features another attraction, a unique Datalogger which records whether a fan is active or idle. If a fan has been switched off and mould appears, the landlord can use the information from the datalogger to discuss a solution with tenants. This helps landlords make homes safer for tenants by helping to avoid condensation and mould which can lead to respiratory problems and allergies as well as maintaining the fabric of the building.

Thanks to the PoziDry both Crawley Borough Council and its tenants are happy, the indoor air quality in the home is improved and future repair and maintenance costs have been avoided.

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