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Vent-Axia Offers Electrical Wholesalers an Effective Solution to Combat Mould

Published: 24/01/2023

Leading British ventilation manufacturer Vent-Axia is providing electrical wholesalers the ideal solution for electricians to tackle condensation and mould in the home with its PureAir Home Positive Input Ventilation (PIV). Designed to remove stale, moist air from the home and replace it with filtered, drier air, PIV prevents moisture build up that can cause condensation and mould, improving indoor air quality (IAQ). In turn this helps reduce the risks of asthma and allergy irritation in the home.

With households and private landlords more aware of the health risks associated with condensation and mould, plus the energy crisis causing more condensation and mould due to lower levels of heating, Vent-Axia is providing a highly effective solution to combat condensation and mould with the PureAir Home. Providing fresh, tempered air into the home that is drier than the inside air, the PIV unit creates an indoor environment, where condensation and mould find it hard to exist, helping to protect households by reducing health issues in the home as well as potential building damage.

“Our Vent-Axia PureAir Home gives wholesalers a highly effective solution to offer electricians to help their customers to control condensation and mould in their homes”, said Mick Daniels Sales Director at Vent-Axia. “It also provides whole house air purification and humidity control, which adds up to a great solution for electrical wholesalers who are asked to help with mould control. Add to that the unit’s low running costs and it’s a win, win for wholesalers and their customers.”

Ventilation is condensation and mould’s biggest enemy since it removes the root cause: the moisture in the air. By removing the moisture and other pollutants from the air, condensation cannot settle on cold surfaces and mould cannot grow, which removes the problem at source.

Suitable for existing properties, PureAir Home PIV offers a whole house ventilation solution and can be installed in the loft. Operating by drawing in warm, fresh air from the loft, it filters all incoming air via the high-grade ISO ePM10 or ePM2.5 filters before gently introducing it into the habitable areas of the property via a ceiling mounted diffuser. The diffuser directs the airflow upwards where the incoming dryer air mixes with the warm moist air that gathers at ceiling height. This creates a healthy indoor environment and reduces the risk of condensation and mould, benefiting both the occupants and the structure of the building. 

The PureAir Home’s discreet diffuser features Smart Air™ technology, which increases airflow performance by 10% but at a lower noise level compared to traditional diffuser designs, while allowing control over airflow direction. SmartSense™ control allows quick and accurate set up and an automatic summer shut off stops warm air coming back into the property. 

Boasting quick and simple installation the PureAir Home PIV is highly energy efficient, unobtrusive, and near silent. Depending on the property, it will take between a few hours to a few days to start to see the effects and may take a couple of weeks for the areas affected with mould to dry out completely. Not only does the PureAir Home comes with a 5-year warranty, is it now also made from recycled plastic, delivering another step towards more sustainable choices for customers and will help customers meet their environmental goals.

For further information on all products and services offered by Vent-Axia telephone +44 (0)344 856 0590.

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