Sentinel Kinetic AdvanceVent-Axia is delighted to announce that it has been shortlisted in two categories in The Energy Awards 2017. The company’s revolutionary Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) unit, the Sentinel Kinetic Advance, has been named as a finalist in the ‘Energy Efficient Product of the Year - HVAC&R’ and ‘Innovation of the Year -Technology: Physical’ categories.

The awards, which reward excellence in the energy business, will be announced on Wednesday 6th December at the London Hilton on Park Lane. The awards ceremony will be attended by some of the most senior local and international operators in the energy market and the event promises to be the perfect opportunity to network with the sector’s finest.

“We are thrilled to have been shortlisted twice at these important industry awards. At Vent-Axia, the energy efficiency of our products is a major driving force in continual innovation and improvement, and so to be recognised in these awards is a great honour” said Ian Mitchell, Product Marketing Manager - New Build Residential, Vent-Axia. “Our pioneering Sentinel Kinetic Advance leads the way in energy efficient Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery.”

The innovative Sentinel Kinetic Advance is a new breed of MVHR ventilation system with best in class performance and offering near silent, energy efficient and high-pressure operation. Perfect for new build residential properties as well as care homes and student accommodation, Advance boasts a specific fan power of 0.38W/l/w with 93% heat recovery and airflow of 100l/s at 150Pa.

Designed for air-tight thermally efficient new build properties, the Advance is the first UK-manufactured web-enabled App-controlled MVHR unit, providing energy efficient ventilation and pioneering control. Featuring groundbreaking commissioning and control via the App, Advance encourages best practice and high performance through simplified commissioning, saving installers time on site. USB functionality also allows pre-commissioning, thus saving time on developments with same specification builds.

Energy AwardsOffering a range of features that improve indoor air quality (IAQ) the Advance features a unique and innovative free App which residents can download onto their smartphones to allow them to control their IAQ. Via the App residents can boost the unit and view efficiencies and temperatures. Filters up to F7 grade ensure that even buildings in heavily urbanised areas can filter out most impurities, including damaging PM2.5 particles. A filter check warning tells building occupiers via the App or email when filters need changing, thus helping to maintain the quality of incoming air.

Advance also features a revolutionary programmable summer bypass to ensure year-round thermal comfort. The summer bypass is pioneering since it is fully automatic and truly intelligent, a first. The summer bypass is set for both comfort temperature and minimum external temperature. These settings enable the controls to determine whether it is winter or summer allowing it to run without resident intervention. 

For further cooling the Advance summer bypass has an evening purge feature that boosts early evening and then runs on a timer until about 10pm so there is no nuisance noise at night. Additional cooling is also available for periods of several days of high temperatures and warm nights. Here the Advance utilises a Night-Time Purge. This allows a building to be pre-cooled for the following day by taking advantage of cooler night-time temperatures.

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