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Vent-Axia Launches the Multivent MEV Family to Help Housebuilders Meet the Future Homes Standard

Published: 22/09/2020

Vent-Axia has launched the Multivent MEV family, a new range of mechanical extract ventilation (MEV) and decentralised MEV (dMEV) designed to provide a simple and effective solution to help housebuilders meet the Future Homes Standard. The Standard requires new build homes to have world-leading levels of energy efficiency, including a further lowering of Dwelling Emission Rates (DER) as part of the drive towards carbon neutrality. The new Multivent MEV family is therefore the ideal solution for new build residential projects, helping housebuilders meet DER requirements through its market-leading energy efficiency and improving indoor air quality (IAQ) for homeowners.

A reliable, highly efficient, quiet and easy to operate ventilation system is key to unlocking a healthier, greener future. The Vent-Axia Multivent MEV family offers just that with this highly efficient range offering a choice of eight MEV and eight dMEV models to ensure housebuilders have exactly the right ventilation for a property. Both the MEV and dMEV units offer an easy-to-operate control platform and extremely low operating noise. Additional benefits include increased ventilation rates, compact design, easy installation, as well as simple and accurate commissioning. With a common digital control platform throughout the range and smart accessories for use in the home, the MEV and dMEV range is a breeze to install, commission and control. Plus, the wealth of control and switching options across the range gives housebuilders the flexibility to provide a solution for any new build scenario.

Specifying mechanical extract ventilation for new builds just became easier” said Katie Sweeney, Product Manager at Vent-Axia. “The Vent-Axia Multivent MEV family is a great addition to the market offering a wide range of benefits that will not only help housebuilders meet the Future Homes Standard with their highly efficient performance but also provide great selling points for house buyers too, with improved indoor air quality and controllability. Providing both MEV and dMEV solutions in one range makes specification simple. Meanwhile, advanced control options offer easier installation and commissioning. Plus, we’re so confident in the quality of the range, we’re offering a 7-year warranty on all Multivent MEV family products.” 

Within the new family of products, the Lo-Carbon Multivent MEV range offers a high efficiency, low profile solution for continuous whole house mechanical extract ventilation. The range combines market-leading efficiency recognised on SAP PCDB combined with a specific fan power as low as 0.14w/l/s whilst still achieving ultra-low noise levels. Designed for the simultaneous ventilation of separate areas in the home, units can service a kitchen and up to six wet rooms. With eight models to choose from, housebuilders can select the model to meet the needs of each home, with airflows from 118l/s - to 159l/s and demand control which enables precise ventilation. To further improve IAQ, the Lo-Carbon Sentinel Multivent models are available with integral and adjustable CO2 and humidity sensors which increase ventilation rates in proportion to relative levels of pollutants within the dwelling.

Designed to meet the exacting demands of developers, designers and users the Multivent MEV range offers advanced control options and easier installation and commissioning. The units are available with (model dependant): demand control enabling precise ventilation rate; app enabled for easy commissioning and monitoring; an integral LCD display allows the installer to select appropriate speed to meet demand; manual and automatic control options; Plug-n-Play automatic sensor detection; switched live and SELV connections, and optional wired or wireless controllers.

The complementary other half of the Multivent family is Vent-Axia’s Lo-Carbon NBR dMEV, a range of continuous running, constant volume dMEV units. Best in class with a specific fan power of 0.12w/l/s the dMEV units are quiet running and offer high pressure development. Boasting switched live (LS) and an innovative digital display and harmonised control platform that removes the need for a potentiometer during installation, the dMEV units feature an in-built spirit level further helping with install, plus a fault light is handy for any trouble shooting. In addition, the range’s IPX5 rating allows for install flexibility without the need for SELV.

Unlike other dMEV units on the market, the NBR dMEV is available in both 100mm and 125mm options. The unique 125mm option further improves DER by improving efficiency and lowering noise. The larger surface area allows more airflow through the fan and, with the larger 125mm spigot there are almost no restrictions in terms of duct lengths and bends used in the system, when compared to a traditional 100mm axial fan. This means fewer fans are required to achieve whole house ventilation rates. The NBR dMEV range includes both fixed and variable speed models in both sizes with the humidity control models incorporating an adjustable (40% - 90%) ambient response humidistat.

Along with third-party testing for all sound and efficiency data, over 80 years of supplying market leading ventilation products across the world will give housebuilders peace of mind that Vent-Axia’s dMEV and MEV ranges are the number one choice for mechanical extract ventilation.

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