Recent studies prove the quality of the air we breathe is critical, which is why Vent-Axia is to present a crucial ‘Continuous Professional Development’ CPD webinar on ‘The Future of Indoor Air Quality’. Currently, 40,000 people are dying in the UK every year due to air pollution and, if things don’t improve, it’s thought that by 2050 the number of people suffering with asthma could increase by 80% from current levels. These sobering figures come from the latest indoor air quality research and form part of Vent-Axia’s CPD webinar which will highlight the future challenges and opportunities for electricians, specifiers and end-users.

The CPD webinar hosted by Voltimum will take place at 1pm on Wednesday, 20. July 2016 and will see Jenny Smith and Tom Emson, from ventilation specialists Vent-Axia, review the current issues indoor air quality is generating. The webinar will also examine the causes and consequences of poor indoor air quality in our homes and practical information on what can be done to counter this. Plus the webinar will reveal the growing awareness of the health implications associated with poor IAQ and the latest research findings.

“As new homes become more air tight and existing properties undergo energy efficiency measures to improve their insulation and air tightness, indoor air quality is an increasingly important consideration,” says Jenny Smith, Marketing Manager at Vent-Axia. “With mould and condensation a blight in many homes, our webinar will offer electricians and specifiers the latest IAQ information and includes solutions that they can offer their customers to provide good comfort in the home and peace of mind.”

IAQ has recently come to the forefront following research on the subject by high profile organisations. The Royal College of Physicians’ report “Every breath we take: the lifelong impact of air pollution” states that around 40,000 people are dying in the UK every year due to air pollution. Exposure to indoor air pollutants such as kitchen products, faulty boilers, air fresheners and second-hand smoke further add to these figures and impact on indoor air quality. This report backs up the findings of other recent research, including “The Future of Indoor Air Quality in UK Homes and its Impact on Health”. This found that as new and refurbished homes become ever more air tight to meet the Government’s carbon emission targets for 2050, the number of people suffering with asthma could increase by 80% from current levels. This report suggests that the solution for good IAQ is continuous ventilation and, in new build homes, continuous mechanical ventilation, preferably with heat recovery (MVHR) is the most efficient and effective option.

Vent-Axia is working with Voltimum, a leading portal for the electrical industry, to provide electricians and specifiers the latest information on indoor air quality via the CPD webinar. To access the indoor air quality CPD webinar registrar now by visiting and sign up now.

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