Vent-Axia has championed the importance of indoor air quality at the H&V News Indoor Air Quality Question Time event, held on Wednesday 29 June 2016 at the Royal Society of Chemistry, London. Representatives from the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) and clean air campaigners joined the HVAC industry to discuss how best to tackle indoor air quality (IAQ), with the event chaired by Andrew Gaved, Editor in Chief of the leading HVAC title H&V News.

The event featured discussions on the opportunities and challenges IAQ brings to the HVAC industry and featured expert panellists from across the supply chain, including Vent-Axia and other manufacturers committed to lobbying for change. At the event Lee Nurse, Marketing Director at Vent-Axia and Chair of the BEAMA ventilation committee, took part in an expert panel discussion on IAQ and the domestic sector with other panel members, including Kelly Butler, Marketing Director at trade association BEAMA and Peter Rankin form the DCLG. (A full report on the H&V News Indoor Air Question Time will appear in the August issue of H&V News which will be published on Wednesday 27 July 2016.)

“We now need to work together to combat poor IAQ otherwise the UK is set to face a time bomb of health problems in the near future. As our homes become more air tight due to energy efficiency measures we witness a fall in indoor air quality unless a home has effective ventilation.” said Lee Nurse, Marketing Director at Vent-Axia.

Meanwhile, also speaking at the event, Jenny Smith, Marketing Manager at Vent-Axia presented on the future scenarios for indoor air quality explaining the current environment today and the growing awareness of the issue. Plus she focused on how legislation; industry and Government; behaviour, skills and attitude; and products and technology all need to drive change when it comes to IAQ.

“We cannot ignore the problem of poor indoor air quality since it is already affecting the health of the nation. As homes become increasingly air tight to meet efficiency standards poor IAQ looks set to continue unless we take action to ensure properties have adequate ventilation to meet their needs. Manufacturers, Government and Industry needs to work together to bring about change, now is the time for installers and specifiers to help us alter the importance we place on ventilation.”said Jenny Smith, Marketing Manager at Vent-Axia.

IAQ has recently come to the forefront following research on the subject by high profile organisations such as the Royal College of Physicians. The College recently published a report “Every breath we take: the lifelong impact of air pollution” which states that around 40,000 people are dying in the UK every year due to air pollution. Exposure to indoor air pollutants such as kitchen products, faulty boilers, open fires, fly sprays air fresheners and second-hand smoke further add to these figures and impact on indoor air quality. And with health problems such as cancer, asthma, stroke and heart disease, diabetes, obesity and dementia all linked to poor air quality, it’s clear that this needs to be urgently addressed in every household.

This report backs up the findings of other recent research, including a BEAMA survey “My Health My Home” which revealed that over one third of UK homes are at an elevated or severe risk of having polluted indoor air. It follows on from the IAQ research “The Future of Indoor Air Quality in UK Homes and its Impact on Health”. This found that as new and refurbished homes become ever more air tight to meet the Government’s carbon emission targets for 2050, the number of people suffering with asthma could increase by 80% from current levels. The report suggests that the solution for good IAQ is continuous ventilation and, in new build homes, continuous mechanical ventilation, preferably with heat recovery (MVHR) is the most efficient and effective option.

Vent-Axia’s latest MVHR unit is the Sentinel Kinetic Advance which offers a range of features that improve IAQ, allowing households to control it from their sofa via an innovative App. Programmable controllers are also available via the App which can schedule boosting when it is very warm, or to avoid boosting at night, as well as a 100% Summer Bypass which features an evening or overnight purge, allowing home owners to choose when to take advantage of cooler air during hot summer periods. Filters up to F7 grade ensure that even homes in heavily urbanised areas can filter out most impurities, including damaging PM2.5 particles. A filter check warning tells households via the App, text or email when filters need changing, thus helping to maintain the quality of incoming air.

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