Now celebrating 30 years as the UK’s favorite commercial fan, Vent-Axia’s first T-Series fan rolled off the Crawley production lines in 1986. This was the year Michael Jackson’s Bad album dominated the charts; Kylie and Jason were married in Neighbours; we watched Ferris Bueller’s Day Off on the big screen; heard about a new Channell Tunnell and watched Yuppies clamouring for the first mobile phones. 1986 was an impressive year for technology with Intel releasing its 386 microprocessor, the Rutan Model 76 Voyager becoming the first aircraft to fly around the World without refueling or stopping; and Chuck Hull patenting the first 3D printer.

For the T-Series 1986 marked the beginning of a British love affair. Becoming market leader in its first year the T-Series was big news dominating the commercial sector with fans being fitted in public buildings, banks, offices, prestigious department stores, pubs and clubs. Its reach was so far it even appeared in the classic1986 film Aliens, proving it had future proof design!

Illustrating that good design doesn’t age, this love affair with the T-Series has continued with an incredible 1.4 million fans sold since 1986 and the T-Series inducted into the hall of fame as the UK’s favourite commercial fan. Not only it is a design classic, it is a British design classic. Made in Britain, the popular T-Series has been manufactured at Vent-Axia’s Crawley facilities in West Sussex since its launch.

“I started selling the T-Series in 1986 and saw them become market-leader in under a year. At the time I was selling them in London and they were fitted in public buildings all over the city from banks and prestigious department stores to offices, pubs and clubs,” said Pete Smith at Vent-Axia.“The T-Series were known for their robustness and reliability from the start and they still are today. 30 years later, whilst the T-Series has evolved it is still firmly based on the original because good design does not age.”

Known for its robustness and quality, the T-Series’ high quality design has stood the test of time and has evolved with new and improved motors, impellers and grilles.

With both window and wall options available, the T-Series meets ERP regulations and is both durable and reliable. A patented electronic shutter system ensures quiet, trouble free operation and sensors and auto mode controllers save energy by only switching the ventilation units on when needed and when the room is occupied.

Available with four sizes of extract/intake fans and an easy fit connector Top Socket allowing fast and trouble-free mains connection, the T-Series is easy to install and replace. Due to its continued popularity, when older models of the T-Series need replacing it’s straightforward to replace like-for-like with no need for re-wiring, thus saving time on site.

A company with a strong British heritage, fan manufacturer, Vent-Axia, is celebrating 80 years this year as an industry leader and innovator. Market leader, Vent-Axia has set the standard for ventilation since 1936 when company founder, Joe Akester, invented the world’s first electrically operated window fan.

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