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The New Lo-Carbon Response 7 Ticks All the Boxes for Social Housing

Published: 14/02/2020

Vent-Axia’s Lo-Carbon Response 7 is a new filterless unitary fan designed for social housing. Replacing the original Lo-Carbon Response, it features an ultra-low profile for discreet installation; increased airflow performance; a digital control menu and a 7-year guarantee. It also boasts powerful quiet ventilation, helping provide good indoor air quality (IAQ), while being quick and easy to install.

With four new models: Response 7, Response 7 Pro, Response 7 SELV, Response 7 Pro SELV, the range features flexibility built into the digital control menu offering, continuous ventilation, as well as constant volume and SELV options.

The addition of Smart SenseTM technology means a quick and easy install for electricians due to its alpha numeric LED display which has a menu for easy commissioning and data collection. The Response 7 also features a settings lock to prevent residents tampering with the unit.

For landlords Smart SenseTM technology helps provide reassurance they are compliant with the Homes Act by recording data such as days run, hours on trickle and hours run on boost triggered by the humidity sensor.

The Response 7 also features a delayed start option. This allows the resident to enjoy a peaceful bathroom for up to 20 minutes before the boost activates. Furthermore, if the light switch turns on and off within 3 minutes, the boost will not activate - no more disturbing the family if the bathroom light is turned on during the night.

Finally, smart humidity controls also add to the peaceful environment. Many humidity fans detect moisture in the air and turn on to full boost immediately. In contrast, the Response 7’s advanced ambient response humidity algorithm on variable speed models operates on a rate of change in humidity, avoiding nuisance tripping.

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