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Data Confirms Positive Input Ventilation is Effective Solution to Condensation and Mould

Published: 19/10/2020

With temperatures in the UK cooling, Vent-Axia is urging social housing providers to take steps now to tackle condensation and mould. Condensation and mould can have detrimental effects on both housing stock and residents’ health. To help protect residents and meet the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act it is vital landlords tackle condensation and mould problems now. With condensation and mould a persistent problem for many landlords it is essential to plan an effective solution to the issue. Recent test data by Vent-Axia has confirmed that Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) is an ideal tool to beat condensation and mould in homes.

A recent study by Vent-Axia looked at the effect of installing PIV in a home with ongoing condensation and mould problems. PIV was installed in a trial house for four months and two main air quality factors were measured during this time. The Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC) level was measured, to give a general indicator of indoor air quality in the home. Plus, the Total Mould Volatile Organic Compounds (TMVOC) level was measured, which is an assessment of actively growing mould in the home. The data collected showed that when PIV was installed in the home the total TVOC level dropped by 40% showing a significant improvement in indoor air quality in the home. Meanwhile, the TMVOC levels dropped by 67%. The data therefore illustrates how PIV can significantly improve indoor air quality and tackle condensation and mould in the home.

“While condensation and mould can be a persistent problem for landlords, this year it is more important than ever to tackle the issue due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Household health is crucial as those with pre-existing health conditions are often more affected by COVID-19, making it especially important to keep vulnerable residents with existing respiratory conditions safe. It is therefore vital everyone is able to live in a home with a healthy indoor environment, free from damaging condensation and mould. Our real-world study has proven how PIV is a great tool in tackling this problem,” said Jenny Smith, Head of Marketing at Vent-Axia.

PIV offers a whole house ventilation system. It filters incoming air, gently circulating it around the home transforming a stagnant and stale atmosphere into a fresh healthy and condensation-free environment. Designed to improve indoor air quality and prevent moisture build-up within social housing properties, the Lo-Carbon PoziDry Pro and Lo-Carbon PoziDry Compact Pro PIV units from Vent-Axia provide a highly effective solution to help landlords control condensation and mould, as well as offering high levels of air filtration. Boasting quick and simple installation for contractors the PIV units are highly energy efficient, unobtrusive, near silent and help provide a healthy environment for residents. The PoziDry Pro is designed for larger properties with a loft to install the unit in whilst the PoziDry Compact Pro is the ideal solution for properties without a loft. Half the size of conventional boxed PIV units, the PoziDry Compact Pro is still powerful enough to effectively tackle condensation and mould but is so small that it can fit inside the decorative boxing that is used to cover its ducting.

The PoziDry Pro and PoziDry Compact Pro also come with Smart Sense technology to help reassure landlords that they are compliant with the Homes Act. The Smart Sense datalogger tracks fan usage to ensure it is used as intended. This includes data such as days run, hours on trickle or boost, and even more specifically, hours run on boost triggered by the humidity sensor. If a fan has been switched off and mould appears, the landlord will realise why and can discuss a solution with residents. This helps landlords make homes safer for residents by helping to avoid condensation and mould which can lead to respiratory problems and allergies.

Landlords looking to improve the ventilation in their properties can find out more at Designed to offer ventilation information and solutions, the microsite is a huge vault of free resources. Providing the social housing sector with vital guidance on how to avoid or combat condensation and mould, the website offers visitors a route to their individual ventilation solution. It also has a section for private landlords, which includes information on curing/preventing condensation and mould and creating healthy homes for residents.

For further information on all products and services offered by Vent-Axia telephone 0344 856 0590.

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