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Bathroom fans that tick all the right boxes….

Published: 27/01/2020

At Vent Axia we know that a dream bathroom that looks great is the ultimate goal for homeowners, but efficient ventilation must not be overlooked otherwise the twin blights of condensation and mould will result. The answer is to choose a fan that is powerful enough to cope with your bathroom’s air change requirements and to locate it in an optimum position. Keeping noise to a minimum and a contemporary design are also important and Vent Axia’s redesigned Silent Fan with its sleek, smooth lines ticks both of these boxes.

Effective ventilation will also improve indoor air quality and Vent Axia’s Pure Air Sense does this by using technology to detect odours and increase airflow. This use of cutting edge technology is also seen in the Apps that fans like the Lo Carbon Svara utilise. As a result, they offer, silent scheduling, automatic cycles and a humidistat which will only trigger the fan if IAQ can be improved or a person has entered the room. Choosing a fan that meets all these requirements may seem like a tall order but Vent Axia’s comprehensive range has it all covered.

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