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Many aspects of energy-using products (EuPs) have a negative impact on the environment (emissions to air including greenhouse gases, to soil, water, and energy consumption). The Council and the European Parliament therefore adopted a Commission proposal for a Directive on establishing a framework for setting Eco-design requirements (e.g. energy efficiency ) for all energy using products in the residential, tertiary, and industrial sectors.

Following are the four main objectives of the EuP Directive:

- to ensure the free movement of energy-using products within the EU
- to improve the overall environmental performance of these products and thereby protect the environment,
- to contribute to the security of energy supply and enhance the competitiveness of the EU economy,
- to preserve the interests of industry, consumers, and other stakeholders

The first step, in considering whether and which eco-design requirements should be set for a particular product, is a preparatory study recommending ways to improve the environmental performance of the product. The preparatory studies will provide the necessary information to prepare for the next phases (carried out by the Commission) and in particular the impact assessment, the consultation forum, and the possible draft implementing measures laying down eco-design requirements for EuPs.

Lot 10 « room air conditioning appliances (air conditioners and ventilation) ». Focuses on residential ventilation and air conditioning.

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