Published: 20/12/2019

Electricians are being increasingly asked by customers for quiet fans so they can enjoy a peaceful home environment. However, with many low noise fans on the market, how can wholesalers advise installers on how to select the right fan for the job and pick a fan that really is low noise? Mick Daniels, Sales Director – Vent-Axia Distribution, explains more.

Published: 28/10/2019

Knowledge Hub AppVent-Axia has launched a new app that provides comprehensive product information at the touch of a button. The innovative Knowledge Hub app promises to both improve customer service and reduce Vent-Axia’s environmental impact.

Published: 22/10/2019

NICEICVent-Axia is committed to best practice and is proud to offer its NICEIC Domestic Ventilation Training Course which is held at its head office in Crawley. The two-day course is aimed at anyone with an interest in installing ventilation systems, particularly experienced electricians, plumbers, ventilation installers and heating engineers looking to improve their knowledge and understanding of domestic ventilation systems.

Published: 16/10/2019

Couple ControllingVent-Axia, is delighted to have been named in the UK Business Superbrand list for 2019. The award follows robust independent research commissioned by The Centre for Brand Analysis (TCBA), which identifies the UK’s Superbrands in an annual league table.

Published: 15/10/2019

Standard RangeVent-Axia is leading the way in reliability with one of its Standard Range fans still going strong after more than 50 years. Originally installed in 1967 the fan has been improving its household’s indoor air quality ever since, even moving house with its owners in 1973!

Published: 02/10/2019

Acoustic SolutionVent-Axia is delighted to announce that it has been named as a finalist in the prestigious HVR Awards 2019. Shortlisted in the Commercial / Industrial Ventilation Product of The Year category, the Vent-Axia Acoustic Solution leads the way in quiet living, offering acoustic solutions for its Sentinel Kinetic mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) units.

Published: 23/09/2019

Net zero by designAs the UK becomes the first major economy to commit to net-zero emissions, leading British ventilation manufacturer, Vent-Axia is delighted to support BEAMA’s¹ ‘Net-Zero by Design’ report.

Published: 11/09/2019

Vent-Axia is leading the way in silent design with its new and improved Silent Fan range. Still the quietest bathroom fan on the market available at an astonishingly quiet 12dB(A), the popular Silent Fan now has six new models added to its range offering increased flexibility and choice for electricians and households.

Published: 18/07/2019

 Leading British ventilation manufacturer Vent-Axia has welcomed the draft guidance ‘Indoor Air Quality at Home’ published by National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

Published: 27/06/2019

With over 1 million tonnes of plastic going to landfill every year in the UK alone, industry-leading ventilation company Vent-Axia is helping social housing providers reduce their environmental impact by designing modular products to reduce plastic waste.