Vent-Axia have been supplying ventilation solutions to schools and colleges since our conception in 1936. However, things have moved on from the Silent 6, but Vent-Axia are still at the leading edge of ventilation technology with the new Sentinel Totus Demand Energy Recovery Ventilation (D-ERV).

Sentinel Totus D-ERV is a new heat recovery demand ventilation system designed to meet modern building management control principles. It responds to the exact ventilation requirements of a room at any one time providing airflow only when it is required and to the level that is required – therefore using only the energy that is needed; no more no less. The high efficiency heat recovery cell incorporated within the Sentinel Totus range achieves market leading 90% efficiency (EN308 independently tested). This enables Sentinel Totus to recover up to 30% more energy than a 70% efficient device.

Vent-Axia can not only supply the ventilation within schools and colleges but we also have a full range of hand dryers including Tempest, with a rapid 10 second dry.

Vent-Axia are leading manufacturers and suppliers of heating and ventilation systems, both in the UK and around the world. For over 75 years, we have led the industry in air ventilation products, systems and services. Whatever your requirement, budget or setting, Vent-Axia can provide the solution you need. From extraction fans for the home to large commercial ventilation solutions, our wide HVAC range features a product for every air handling purpose.

Vent-Axia's popular Lo Carbon range combines all the style and durability you expect from a Vent-Axia product with even greater energy efficiency, helping you to make your property as eco friendly as possible. Together with the Lo Carbon range, demand energy recovery ventilation and heat recovery (HRV) and mechanical extract systems are also available to aid new sustainable building projects to adhere to the Code for Sustainable Homes.

In combination with our exceptional ventilation product range we also offer a comprehensive range of heating products ideal to heat your home, our range of electric heating includes, storage heaters and combination storage heaters,  panel heaters, towel rails, portable heating, fan heaters, convector heaters and radiant heating.  Our latest product introduction brings electric underfloor heating to the portfolio, this range consists of electric underfloor heating mats, underfloor heating thermostats, underfloor heating kits and underfloor heating insulation boards to offer a comprehensive solution.

In addition to our ever-growing domestic and commercial ventilation ranges, Vent-Axia also supply air curtains, hand dryer products and fume handling/smoke fans. We can also support your air conditioning requirements.

Vent-Axia products are available from distributors around the UK and Ireland and also around the world via our network of international distributors. Many of our ranges can also be ordered via our online store. Browse our full range of heating, ventilation and air conditioning products by clicking here. You can also contact us for any further enquiries.