NEW Internal Fit Wall Kit

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Internal Fit Wall Kit

The NEW Internal Fit Wall Kit is designed to simplify installation and improve the finish of 100mm through the wall installations, also providing an external grille and water ingress protection shroud.

High Rise Buildings

The Kit can be fully installed from inside the building, significantly reducing the cost and complexity associated with these sites. After coredrilling a 117mm hole, or utilising an appropriate existing hole, the Kit simply pushes through from the inside of the building. Spring pins secure the external grille in position and the external shroud deploys around the grille covering up break-out from the external surface.

Installer Friendly

The internal flange thickness is minimised to allow a variety of fans or grilles to be installed and indicators on both the external grill and internal flange ensure perfect alignment. The tubes extend to accommodate wall thicknesses from 225mm up to 390mm and lock into position for a secure fit. The internal flange is also flexible enough to accommodate deviations in the internal surface finish.

Building Regulations

The external grille free area is greater than 90% of the area of the duct making it suitable for continuous running systems as well as for intermittent fans.


117mm∅ 225-390mm

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