EuroSeries (ESR) - Roof Monting Axial Fans

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A new range of extract axial blade industrial roof fans incorporating the new Euroseries ESP axial plate fan, featuring a single shot die cast aluminium blade & external rotor motor design.

Cowl and roof mounting base are moulded from specially formulated recyclable polymeric materials, which are high impact resistant and provide a rigid profile against strong winds and resistance to UV light. Standard colour BS00A05

EuroSeries ESR units shall be suitable for for flat or inclined roofs (max. angle 30°). are designed for either kerb or purlin box mounting.

The EuroSeries ESR range is available in eleven sizes with the extract performances up to 10.88 m³/s, with pressure characteristics of up 300Pa. All units are designed for & fully speed controllable.

Air Operated Shutters & Bird Guards

The shutters shall fit beneath the cowl using fitting provided. Shutters should not be used when the fan performance is below 30% of maximum and the hinge should point up the roof incline.
The standard shutters for sizes 800 & 1000mm must not be used with 4 & 6 pole unit. Please enquire for special metal shutters.
Bird Guards are manufactured to fit neatly between the roof cowl and the base.


All sizes shall be supplied with cast aluminium impellers, ensuring performance when working against outdoor conditions and abrasive airflow. All fans are reversible for Intake (-30% performance). Backdraught shutters should not be used when operated as an intake fan.


External rotor motors are specially designed and styled for this range of fan. Ball bearings shall be greased for life. Rotors are dynamically balanced to ISO 1940. Sizes 315-1000mm, motors are protected to IP54, against dust and moisture complying with BS EN 60529:1992. They shall be ribbed aluminium body castings for efficient cooling. Motor insluation is Class 'F' (from -40°C to +70°C).


Single phase 220-240V 50Hz. Capacitor start and run. Three phase 380-415V 50Hz. An IP54 terminal box shall be supplied with most models with 20mm and PGII entry. All motors shall be fitted with thermal overload Protection which should be wired into all controller circuits and into starter contactors. Models are available with either 2,4, 6 & 8 pole motors.

Terminal Box

Are to IP54, as standard, protected against dust water jets from any angle allowing outside applications.


The fan performance, shall be in accordance with tests to BS848 Part 1 1980.

Sound Levels

Fan sound levels, measured in a reverberant chamber in accordance with BS848 Part 2 1985. Published dB(A) figures are free field sound pressure levels at 3m with spherical propogation at a reference level of 2 x 10-5 Pa (20 micro-Pascal). The sound power level spectra figures are dB with reference level of 10-12 Watts (1 pico-watt). To ensure minimum noise levels during speed control, an auto transformer speed control is recommended.


A full range of accessories:

• Electronic Speed Controllers
• Auto Transformer Speed Controllers
• D.O.L. Starters
• Purlin Boxes
• Shutters
• Bird Guards
• Roof Attenuators



Size a b c d e f Kg max
250 700 475 737 411 97 675 13.25
315 700 475 737 411 97 675 16.30
355 700 475 737 411 97 675 16.30
400 800 575 830 466 97 775 18.40
450 800 575 830 466 97 775 20.30
500 950 715 1000 579 100 915 35.50
560 950 715 1000 579 100 915 35.50
630 1230840 1100 731 105 1040 62.00
710 1230 840 1100 731 105 1040 62.00
8001420 8701190731105107078.00

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